Thursday, November 13, 2008

Long Time, No Post...

Hey guys!

Please note: I have not forgotten about my loyal Platinum Pen readers. I love this blog and I have invested SO much of my time and energy into this, and I still plan to keep it running. Things will just be a little slow for now, as I think the content of the blog will change to some degree. I need to figure things out, but this is DEFINITELY still going to be around.

For now, until I update further, please visit to see some of my reporting!!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall And Magic

Fall has always been the season where anything good that's happened in my life has happened. It's like total utter magic, and I don't know why or what, but it just is. And it's been that way ever since I was born. It's just the greatest season. And it reminds me of so many things. I think this is the point at which I start missing school at Oregon and all that. But whatever, I'm at an incredibly exciting point in my life right now. Things are so incredibly amazing. I think they will only get better from here--provided I keep networking and just keep working it like maj. I'm meeting SO many people and experiencing so many things that most people will never experience in their lives. I don't want to jinx it.

But anyway, all I wanna do is curl up to some overcast weather and some chill hed kandi house songs. Gawd, I love fall. I've been a regular at The 'Bucks all week, buying out the supply of syrup for those Pumpkin Spice Lattes. ahhh what can I say?

Seriously, so many weird things have been happening lately. weird, good, unexpected?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hey Everyone!!!!

AHHH just tried to write a post, but no luck. Anyway, I just wanted to apologize for not updating this thing lately. I feel like such an unloyal blogger. I just landed a reporting position at E! Online. So my life has been increasingly busy.

I love you all though, and I plan to do a major update soon!!!


Friday, September 5, 2008

I Owe an Apology...

I feel really bad about my negative statements regarding the new 90210. Am I bummed that there is something trying to take the place of the most amazing show in my life? Yes, of course. I think what bums me out the most is the fact that it's not even in the hands of the original people involved in the development of the show.

But as far as my comments go in regards to the acting and the characters and so forth, I do take it all back. I met the majority of the cast last night, and I spoke to them individually at great length. They were the most normal, funny, lighthearted, down-to-earth people I've ever met in this business, and I hope newfound fame does not change them.

So with that said, yes, I do look at this show in a little bit of a negative way (based on where my heart is--with Aaron Spelling and such), but I will not say anything else negative about the show from this point on. I wish the show and the characters all the very best.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sound Off: Which of the Following Can You Tolerate Least

While the majority of us were busy gettin' crunk n stuff over the weekend, Heidi Montag and Diddy apparently had enough time to grace the blogosphere with some terrible nonsense. Which is worse? Diddy's non-sensical rant about Sarah Palin, or Heidi Montag's unshockingly horrible new song "Party's Wherever I am." ? I honestly couldn't make it through either of them, so you be the judge.

Did You Survive??

Good morning, everyone!

This 3-day weekend was far more than I ever could have imagined. It was SO much fun! On Friday I went to OC, and then for the rest of the weekend I pretty much covered all of LA--hitting up everything from the hotspot gay clubs on Santa Monica Blvd., to the hostpot regular clubs in Hollywood/West Hollywood, to random bars in Studio City, to parties in the West Hollywood Hills. and the list goes on. I feel so full from eating and drinking all through the weekend.

last night, my roommates and I hosted the official Chingy Comeback Movement party. It was badazzz.

Now I'm just tired and in recovery mode. Not hungover at all or anything like that. More just like in hunger-hangover mood. Ate soooo much. But wow, so much fun!

I will post more later. For now, I'm just trying to focus on staying awake and doing my job.


Friday, August 29, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Apparently Hilary Duff Still Has a Fan

She may be just another face to the majority of us, but to some Conoga Park, CA resident, Hilary Duff is clearly their numero uno! 

Damn, it's too bad SDohertyFan doesn't fit on license plates. That would TOTES be on mine!

Solange Knowles is Kinda a Diva Bitch

The lesser-known of the Knowles sister duo made an appearance on a Las Vegas Fox channel to talk about I guess her album or something. And naturally, the producers of the show planned to ask her about Jay-Z selling his Vegas club 40/40. I don't see this being a particularly juicy question. It's not like it's related to some scandal. She could have given some B.S. answer. Give these journalists a break for doing their freakin job! But instead, she gets all defensive on the reporter who happened to appear confused. Watch as Solange calls the station out for introducing her on TV in such an "unprofessional" manner, and the producer tells her that the question about Jay-Z didn't even appear on air.

But, like everything these days, celebs always gotta fire back. So after you watch the vid above, you can view Knowles' personal video response in which she defends the situation and explains why she did what she did. Gawd, really? 

Good News For Fans of the ORIGINAL 90210!

SOAPNET is showing a 24-hour marathon of the greatest show ever!!! So while all you alchys spend Monday recovering from your Labor Day bingefest, you can totally hit up your TV screen all day for some sikkkkkk shit! STOKED!

The New 90210 is a Classless Skankfest and Tori Spelling is a Lying Famewhore

I once again hate talking about the stupid 90210 2.0. It like bothers me inside my heart. It kills me, in fact. And the more I hear about it, the more upset I get. I wish Aaron Spelling were still alive so he could put a ban on this crap. It's tearing me apart. And there is yet one more thing to add to my anticipated hatred. Entertainment Weekly posted a pretty interesting interview with former foes and co-stars Shannen "GOD" Doherty and Jennie Garth. The best bitch we knew and loved appears to have cleaned up her act. Now she's like all mature and shit, and that makes me upset. I miss the cigarrette-smoking, bitch-slapping, trash-talking, Rick Solomon-marrying Doherty. Not this proper, well-behaved, soft spoken chick. Who is the girl anyway?

But anyway, Doherty and Garth revealed some skankalicious 411 about the premiere of the 90210 remake. And this scandalousness is shit that wouldn't even appear in an ep of Melrose Place for crying out loud.

"All I know is there's a girl giving a guy a blowjob in the first episode," says Doherty.

"I thought, Aaron Spelling is rolling over in his grave right now," Garth reacts.

And EW also gets to the nitty gritty of Tori Spelling's not-so-best-selling memoir which I saw sitting on a table next to a rack carrying the Lauren Conrad Collection at the Kitson outlet store only two months after publication. So sad.

EW says, "In Tori Spelling's book sTORI Telling, she tells some pretty harsh stories about you, Shannen. Did you read the book?"

And the newly mature Doherty responded all properly, saying, "I will censor myself out of respect for Jennie because she's friends with Tori. I got passages sent to me and a vast majority of it is incredibly exaggerated. Maybe it's a difference of how I was raised. I just don't believe you write personal on-set experiences in a book. For me, when you work it's almost a sacred experience whether you get along with everyone or not. In 27 years of acting I've never sold out one of my cast members. Ever. And I will stick to that."

Tori is pathetic. We all know she was a bitch of her own right in those days. But she felt like selling out her former co-stars was a good way to make a buck. Note to Tori: nobody cares about your stupid book or the stupid drama you have to recount by living vicariously through people who had a far more exciting life than you!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Hero Shannen Graces This Week's Cover of UsWeekly!!!

Janice Min's famed celeb tabloid took a break from the Speidi sagas and finally decided to place an icon on it's cover!!! I have nothing more to say except that I want to murder the new 90210, but I am thrilled that at least it's giving my idol Shannen Doherty the exposure she still deserves. I am the hugest 90210 fan on the planet and I always will be. Nobody loves her/Brenda more than myself, and I proudly and confidently state this.

Shannen's probably pissed that she has to share a cover with a newbie like Carrie Underwood. [snooze]. Shannen should have been granted the entire cover. Nobody in the world is worth sharing the Goddess of television's space!--well, except maybe Jason Priestley. He's kinda the effing sh*t!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Same Sex Marriage is "Not Only Unhealthy, But it is Illegal in 48 States"

In wake of last week's news that Hallmark has very appropriately created four same-sex-themed cards for sale, the pathetic and rigid minds at the American Family Association want to remind the greeting card company that same-sex marriage is illegal in 48 states, stating that the lifestyle is "unhealthy" and "promoting same-sex marriage for profit is not the very best for families or our nation." 

Well, unfortunately for the right-wing Christian Fundamentalists who run and/or support the AFA, the two states that do allow gay/lesbian marriages are doing extremely well for themselves. So despite the coalition's warning/reminder, it's pretty safe to say that Hallmark will be just fine with it's very money-minded, innovative and liberal decision.

And anyone else who has a problem with this can eff off!

Remembering Aaliyah

Aside from today being the birthday of two of my favorite people on the planet (Grandpa Joey and Sheryl Thompson), today also marks the seven-year anniversary of the death of Aaliyah Dana Haughton, more simply known as just Aaliyah. Regardless of the year, each August 25th, I always try to do something to commemorate the life of the most beautiful, humble and talented woman of R&B.

At just 22, the entertainer's life was taken due to a plane crash in the Bahamas. Aaliyah was an singer, actress and dancer. She was linked to R. Kelly, having married him at just 15 years old. The marriage was annulled based on Aaliyah's then-age, and she was most recently linked to Roc-A-Fella's Damon Dash at the time of her death in 2001. She was also very close friends with hip-hop artist/producer Timbaland.

She left us with so many beautiful songs. Among them, my favorites are definitely "I Miss You," "I Care For You," "Back and Forth," and "One in a Million." I shall leave you with my favorite Aaliyah song "I Miss You." It was one of the final songs she released, and it is quite fitting for this posting, considering the nature. I don't know what's more sad--the music video itself, or the circumstances that led to the dynamics of the music video.

Rest In Peace, Aaliyah.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

BREAKING: Kim Kardashian Rushed to Hospital; Sliced Open Her Foot

God's gift to the Armenian kind, AKA Kimberly Kardashian, has been rushed to the ER at a hospital in New York after slicing her foot open on a glass table. Reports are saying there was so much blood from the incident that it looked like a murder scene!

Buttt....this could be a blessing in disguise for the sexpot, as reports are also saying that this mishap may result in the inability for Kimmy to partake in Dancing With the D-Listers as was originally planned. You know she did this shit on purpose. She realized what a complete mistake she'd be making by agreeing to do the worst show ever! So she went through all this! Good choice, Kim. It'll all be worth it in the end.

My Full-Moon-ish AOL Experience

Okay, weeeeeirddddd...Tonight I signed on to an AOL screen name that I NEVER use. And two instant messages popped up over the course of the evening, consisting of very bizarre content. And I know that it's nobody just plain fucking with me because barely anyone even knows I have the screen name I was using. See exhibit A & exhibit B:


FitchUofA [10:05 P.M.]: hi

MagGirlDF [10:05 P.M.]: hello...who is this?

FitchUofA [10:05 P.M.]: you emailed me i guess on craigslist

MagGirlDF [10:06 P.M.]: ...?

FitchUofA [10:06 P.M.]: i thought it was fake

FitchUofA [10:07 P.M.]: you responded to my craigslist ad?

MagGirlDF [10:07 P.M.]: i am really, really confused

MagGirlDF [10:07 P.M.]: elaborate... please?

FitchUofA [10:07 P.M.]: maybe not?

MagGirlDF [10:08 P.M.]: what did your ad say and it must have been a long time ago because i
rarely use this screen name. also, what do u mean u thought it was fake?

MagGirlDF [10:09 P.M.]: is this some kind of joke?

MagGirlDF [10:09 P.M.]: cuz i have no idea what you are talking about

FitchUofA [10:09 P.M.]: hm it must have been... im trying to figure it out tooooo

FitchUofA [10:09 P.M.]: no...

FitchUofA [10:10 P.M.]: are u single?

MagGirlDF [10:10 P.M.]: who are you?

FitchUofA [10:10 P.M.]: a legit guy

FitchUofA [10:10 P.M.]: and you?

MagGirlDF [10:11 P.M.]: i am NOT looking for some random hook-up with some random person who IMs me on AOL claiming I responded to their SEX ad on craigslist

MagGirlDF [10:11 P.M.]: you are creepy go away

FitchUofA [10:11 P.M.]: ew u are weird

MagGirlDF [10:11 P.M.]: *i* am weird?

MagGirlDF [10:11 P.M.]: you dont even know who i am and you're asking me if i'm single?

FitchUofA [10:11 P.M.]: well YOU EMAILED ME

FitchUofA [10:11 P.M.]: idiot

MagGirlDF [10:12 P.M.]: NO I DIDNT!


FitchUofA [10:12 P.M.]: i put 2 ads on CL in my entire life... one about 2 weeks ago, and 1 about a year ago

MagGirlDF [10:12 P.M.]: AND WHAT DID THEY SAY?

FitchUofA [10:13 P.M.]: nothing about what you are explaining

FitchUofA [10:13 P.M.]: i am jewish, looking for a caring girl

MagGirlDF [10:13 P.M.]: ok please tell me what they are and i will let you know

FitchUofA [10:13 P.M.]: is that so hard

MagGirlDF [10:13 P.M.]: okay i definitely did not respond to ANY relationship ads

FitchUofA [10:13 P.M.]: weird

FitchUofA [10:13 P.M.]: well, have a good one, sorry to weird ya out

MagGirlDF [10:14 P.M.]: it's all good. good luck finding your caring jewish girl

FitchUofA [10:14 P.M.]: lol


Lbt4 3 [10:15 P.M.]: ???

MagGirlDF [10:15 P.M.]: ?

Lbt4 3 [10:15 P.M.]: hi

Lbt4 3 [10:16 P.M.]: i feel like DANCING!!!!!!!!!!!

MagGirlDF [10:16 P.M.]: who ARE you and why are you so strange? why is everyone so strange on AOL

Lbt4 3 [10:16 P.M.]: who da man!

Lbt4 3 [10:46 P.M.]: so whats up

MagGirlDF [10:46 P.M.]: who are you and why are you IMing me?

MagGirlDF [10:48 P.M.]: okay well if you aren't going to tell me, then there really is no point in this, is there?

Lbt4 3 [10:48 P.M.]: yes, there is damn it!

Lbt4 3 [10:58 P.M.]: ???

MagGirlDF [10:59 P.M.]: can i help u with something?

Lbt4 3 [10:59 P.M.]: wha are you up to

Lbt4 3 [11:01 P.M.]: i love you

Lbt4 3 [11:04 P.M.]: :'-(

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Some Skanks Will Never Learn

Who in hell's name let Audrina Patridge walk out of the house looking like that (see above)? Awhile back, I posted a different photo of Audrina's spaced-apart breasts looking like shit. But this one surely tops 'em all! There's a lil sumthin called "proportion," Ms. Patridge. When you are size 00, you should not be trying to sport them DD's. And even moreso, you should not be trying to fit them DDs into an XS bikini top. This oblivious ho needs to get her boobs redone. They don't look good, sweetie!

Ugh, I need to finish this post and publish it, because the longer I am forced to look at this gawd-awful photo, the more angry I am increasingly getting by the minute!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Perez Outs Yet Another--Teenyboppers Will be Crushed

Leave it to Perez Hilton to break the news of one's gay/lesbian-dom. He has a habit of doing so, and his latest outing is New Kids on the Block's Jordan Knight [gasp!]. It's a good thing the news is brought out now, as opposed to years ago because at least all of the boy band's fans are now hopefully married. We know back in the day, the ladies would have been crushed!

Per Perez, Mr. Knight is super close to coming out to the public and he currently does have a boyfriend. So is he dating fellow gay boy-bander Lance Bass? Nope, apparently the former Sweet Valley High actor is named Harley (eew) and currently works as a trainer at Barry's Bootcamp in L.A.

So if Lance Bass turned out gay from NSYNC, and Jordan Knight is apparently gay from NKOTB, then (at least) one of the Jonas Brothers has to be gay, too, right? I mean it would only be fitting for boy band statistics. I kinda think all of those Jonas Bros are gay, but that's just me. I mean, those chastity rings they wear have got to be a cover-up to avoid having to sleep with a woman.

BET Celebrates the 2000th Episode of 106 & Park

Oh, man. These are the days I remember (see photo). Back in college when I'd rush home from class and turn on the tube to catch AJ and Free hosting 106 & Park. I freakin loved that show! But AJ & Free and have been gone from the TRL-ish-but-way-better hip-hop show since '06, and the show got replaced by two lame-o's Terrance and Rocsi. And quite frankly, I haven't really watched the show since.

But I will give big ups to the network for making the show last this long...and it's still goin for that matter! 2000 epsiodes is a lot of music videos, a lot of guests and a lot of Freestyle Fridays.

Keyshia Cole, Big Tig, Soulja Boy, Jennifer Hudson, Busta Rhymes, Terrance Howard, and a much too heavily tattooed Bow Wow all came on the monumental episode yesterday to chat up the crowd or perform a song.

Congrats, 106 & Park!

Preview: The Game's New Album LAX

Check out The Game's new album LAX before it hits stores August 26th. Click here to listen. The new album is definitely not radio friendly, so if hip-pop is your thing, I can already tell you this won't be your thing.

What Ever Happened to Chingy??

Some of his music may have been a little too poppy for my ears, but the more music Chingy comes out with means the more music videos his seXXXy self can be seen in. I haven't heard about this dude in YEARS! Can somebody please inform me of his whereabouts or the future of hopefully still prevalent career? 

Howard Bailey, Jr., AKA Ching-A-Ling needs to make a NOW. He's so fly!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Olympics Have Severly Inconvenienced Poor J.Lo's Hopeful Comeback

What was Michael Phelps thinking? Did he really have to go and score those 8 gold medals at the same time that the artist formerly known as J.Lo is trying to make headlines as she trains for the 22nd Annual Malibu Triathlon?

I'm sure nobody else cares, but Diva Lopez is effing pissed! Who does this Olympian Phelps guy think he is?!?! While he is busy swimming in water, doesn't he know that Lopez walks on it? Psh...

An insider on the set of Good Morning America--the show Jenny From Da Blizock appeared on yesterday to talk about her training--told MSNBC's The Scoop that J.Ho thinks her matters are far more important than "that swimmer."

The source said Jenny "couldn’t come up with Phelps’ name, and then she yammered on about how she was the one training for a triathlon just six months after giving birth, and how that was the big story right now, not ‘the swimmer."

Sorry to burst J.Ho's bubble butt, but with Phelps in the picture or not, the former Fly-Girl's however many minutes of fame are up--and pretty much have been, following her marriage to that nobody named Marc Anthony. Sorry biatch!

Dude, Why Does Suri Have to be so Darn Perfect?

It would only be expected the robotic duo that is TomKat would produce nothing less than a perfect robotic replica of the two combined. Suri Cruise is the most adorable celebuspawn on the planet (besides my little Federline-Spears boys). We never see her shedding a tear or looking sad or doing anything wrong. She's too perfect. I swear these photos are starting to get old. They're all the same. I want to see a photo of Suri doing something krayzie and scandalous!

View more of little Suri with her plastic doll right here

Monday, August 18, 2008

Check This Out, Everyone!

Check out the Celebrity Fashion Lines story I wrote for!

You can view my story here

Thanks yall!

I Think I've Already Overdosed And I've Only Listened Half-Way Through

Remember when I suggested Heidi Montag give peace a chance, following the release of her previous single "Fashion" ? Well, she apparently didn't listen. She yet again decided to take to the studio...err...her record another song. And this one is bad. Oh wait, duh. And she tries to throw in a little T-Pain-inspired voicebox vocals (because her voice alone is so terrible). This song is called "Overdosin'" and it's about "Overdosing" on her love for Spencer Pratt. And the funniest part of all? I think she actually takes herself seriously. I still think they need to bring Spence back in for a rapping cameo like on "Body Language." I really think he has potential to become the next big thang on the White hip-hop scene like Eminem or Paul Wall.

Anyway, take a listen, and sound off in the comments about what you think. Sadly, this terrible song isn't even Montag's worst. Poor thing.

Just in Case You Were Too Hungover All Weekend to Press the Start Button on Your 'Puter...

  • Madge celebrated her big five-oh with her peeps at Volstead nightclub in London, including seXXXy hubby Guy Ritchie and well-mannered daughter Lourdes. Her Madge-esty looked fab (see photo above) on her big day, but apparently she didn't feel entirely at ease about the $200,000 affair. During her 40-minute speech to guests, she stated, "I'm really disappointed. There are a lot of people who did not make it tonight, but thanks to everyone who did make it."
  • Lilo is reportedly set to convert to my religion, Judaism because she feels that close to her girlfriend Samantha Ronson...Or she just worships The Platinum Pen and wants to follow in my footsteps ;-)
  • It was a story of civic heroism, as dozens of bystanders in The Bronx, New York, rushed to the aid of Donnette Sanz, a 7-month-pregnant woman who was trapped under a bus after a van's brakes went out and crashed into the bus, accidentally taking Sanz under, as she was walking across the intersection of the incident at the time. Sanz, a 33-year-old NYPD traffic agent, was announced dead following the incident, but the bystanders who attempted to rescue the woman were able to lift the bus, get Sanz out from under, and doctors were able to deliver Sanz' baby prematurely instead of leaving it for dead in Sanz' womb. The baby, named Sean Michael Sanz, is in critical condition, but is said will be okay.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Platinum Pen Exclusive: Interview With UK Electronica Artist Antigone

Look out Kylie Minoque, there's a new musical majesty in the land of the Gays. The UKs Antigone is the newest thing out on the market and she's already tearin up clubs and car stereos alike. The first single off of Antigone's latest album "AntigoneLand" is called "More Man Than Man." The single is upbeat, uplifting, and you totally can't help but sing along. The rest of the album is eclectic. Each song is completely different. You have your jazz, your disco, your dance, your lounge. Antigone is definitely an artist worth giving a listen because whatever your musical preference, her album has something for everyone.

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview this artist, and she had a lot of interesting things to say about her music, music in general, and women empowerment in the bedroom ;-)

THE PLATINUM PEN: Let's talk about your hit song, "More Man Than Man." It's a great song, by the way. And I have a pretty good idea what it's about, but let's hear from you, the artist. Describe what the song means.

ANTIGONE: At a basic and more primal level it's about a girl telling her frisky fuck-buddy to chill out and grow up about their brief sporadic encounters. She's urging him to become the man he is at night the morning after! At a more subterranean level it's about sex and gender perception, and the fact that even today, many women are castigated as sops who automatically want a relationship with anyone they sleep with when quite often, they seek out casual intimacy as frequently as men. What I like about the title of the song is that it seems at first glance to be about men, whereas in fact it is all about women, and women with stronger libido's than many of their male counterparts. Ha!

THE PP: Who are some of your musical influences?

ANTIGONE: Well my forthcoming album is very eclectic and it betrays a diverse musical upbringing and interest. My parents were both jazz musicians before they became novelists and prison counsellors, so my childhood soundtrack was impeccable - I'm very grateful! I'm usually obsessed with some female singer or another, but I've tended to ease off on listening to one too intensely for too long or I invariably end up imitating them and that's not good. It's good to begin with, but in order to stay true to your own voice there comes a point where you have to stop listening. But I would say my life-long influences are Sarah Vaughan and Syreeta Wright (look her up if you don't know her), probably Bjork, and to an extent Moloko and Goldfrapp who have always encouraged me with their leftfield pop vision. Mostly I'm influenced by artists whose names I don't even know though, because most of the music I listen to is mixtapes by DJ friends and I never end up with the playlists!

THE PP: Who do you listen to the most in the house/dance/electronica genre, and also in other genres?

ANTIGONE: I rarely listen to house. It's for dancing to at clubs! I'm really so much more of a disco lover, and so is my producer. For me disco is still the best dance music, and in a way I consider my dance music to be disco not dance or house. But I can dig bent or more 'haunted' house, like say remixes by Herbert, or the kind of beautiful dancey stuff that graces Hotel Costes compilations. M.I.A and Bugz in the Attic have a good tip on dance. Electronica-wise I'm into so much different stuff but generally the more musical the better, like Susumu Yokota, Wagon Christ and AIR. Otherwise I listen to all sorts of stuff, from Radiohead to Jamie Lidell to Beach Boys. Just good music.

THE PP: How did you end up getting a music deal? How long have you been doing this?

Well it was quite simple because I signed myself. I've been signed before to both majors and indies, and it's not that I don't want to be signed again, but because myself and my producer did the album ourselves, we figured we would try and hold onto the rights for as long as possible while we built buzz around it. In the dance scene particularly, it is not unusual now for artists and producers to put their own records out as the first step. It's really a 'soft' release structure because you're just ensuring that people can buy it if they know about it, and with digital distribution that's easy now. But marketing and promotion remain the biggest challenge. I've been in the biz now for 8 years. They say it takes 10 years to have overnight success, so I'm nearly there - hurrah!

THE PP: What can we expect on the album?

ANTIGONE: It's 11 tracks so a proper LP. Here's what the Editor of PopJustice, Peter Robinson, recently said about it:

"A surefire hit for anyone whose two favourite genres are pop music that sounds like dance music and dance music that sounds like pop music, 'Antigoneland' is a smart and sophisticated club record full of stylish tunes and a fair number of surprises. The hypnotic technological pop of 'Promiscuity' should please those left disappointed with the new Goldfrapp album while tracks like 'Mirror' and last week's single 'More Man Than Man' hit the spot in a brilliantly Roisin Murphyesque way." Hopefully it will be released by the end of the year.

THE PP: Include any other info you would like readers to know about you.

ANTIGONE: Random fact--As well as jazz I have studied Indian singing. On a trip to Mumbai/Bombay for 3 months I sang an impromptu gig with Talvin Singh and also had quite a novel Valentine's Day experience: hanging out on set with esteemed Bollywood siren Rheka, whose only husband died in very mysterious circumstances shortly after they married (in the Indian film industry female stars are instantly relegated to matronly roles as soon as they marry, even if they are still very young and beautiful).

THE PP: Thank you so much for your time. It was wonderful having the opportunity to chat with you and get a better perspective into your world and music. I look forward to listening to your future material. All the best of luck with the success of your current album.

FOR MORE INFORMATION or to order "More Man Than Man," please visit Antigone's myspace:

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Talk About Originality!

One would think the imaginative minds at Disney could come up with something a bit more creative for Demi Lovato's debut album cover, which looks like this:

And looks strangely familiar to this:

Apparently Lovato's camp figured people had already forgotten about this hit No Doubt album. I mean I am the furthest thing from a No Doubt fan, but this album was indeed a hit, and it hasn't been that long since it's release. Kinda pathetic that Lovato's peeps couldn't think of anything even slightly more innovative.

The Full-Length Britney Spears OK! Interview

Remember yesterday, when I posted about the preview of Britney's OK! magazine interview--her first in two years? And remember when I said based on the preview, I think I'd rather read National Geographic's "Panda of the Year" issue? Well, folks, I lied. Eff reading NG, I'd rather watch grass grow then have to read this boring-ass interview again. Seriously, talk about a total snoozefest. I mean yeah, she sounds "healthy" in this interview, but all those damn sedatives she's on have really taken away any ounce of personality she had left. But I'll tell ya what, I'll let you judge for yourself. Here's the full OK! magazine Britney Spears August 2008 interview:
What’s a typical day for you with Preston and Jayden?
Well, when I have my children, I’ll get up and make them pancakes.
Blueberry or plain?
Plain pancakes, with sausages. Then we’ll go outside and take a walk. Then I like to do something physical with them, like swimming. Nap time is 1-3pm, and then I’ll read to them.
What do you read?
The Berenstain Books, and anything with cars in it, too.
Are they both into cars?
Yes, big time. I’ve watched the Cars movie nine million times.
What are some of the games you like to play with the boys?
We don’t really play games. We love to read books and do artwork. And they’re outside a lot in their little cars.
Do you sing to the boys?
I do. I actually wrote a song for my new album about them called “My Baby”. It’s a real beautiful song.
Do the boys sing?
Yes. I’ll start, and they’ll join in.
Have you taught them to swim?
They both jump in the water. Well, JJ almost jumps in. Preston will jump in, and then JJ thinks he can but then he jumps to me and screams, ‘mommy, mommy, mommy,’ the whole time.
Do the boys share a room here?
They have separate rooms upstairs by my room.
Are the boys getting into how they look?
Preston is. He wants his shirt and shoes. He’ll tell me what he wants to wear.
What are you doing for their birthdays?
I want to have a traditional party, a joint party for both of them. I have some friends with kids who I am going to invite. There will probably be about 15 or 20 of us. There is going to be homemade ice cream. Probably my dad will make that. We’ll have the jumpers and bouncers.
How do you feel about your boys getting into the entertainment business?
If they want to do it, and if they are talented enough, I would support them. But they’d have to express an interest on their own.
Would you like to see them pursue it?
I’d rather not, but I’d love them unconditionally if they wanted to. I’d just as soon they have a more normal childhood.
Do you cook a lot?
I do. Usually, the maid and I will cook together.
What’s your house specialty?
I love rice and baked chicken. We’ll cook that together, and the kids love my spaghetti. I think for some reason they like my spaghetti better than what they have at their dad’s house.
What’s special about Mom’s spaghetti?
I think it’s my sauce. I make it with love, and I make it from scratch.
Alright– recipe time. We all want to know.
I can’t share my secret with you. But it just takes me about an hour.
Do you watch much television?
Actually I don’t. I’m so busy. And when the kids are here, I like them to be outside doing things or we’re reading together.
What about How I Met Your Mother, the show you appeared on twice?
No. I just don’t watch TV. We get a movie every now and then.
Can you go to the movies?
Sometimes I do. We just went to see Mamma Mia. I thought it was kind of silly. I saw Hancock, which I loved.
Besides taking care of the boys, what’s most important to you?
Recording. Going into the studio.
Do you still do your own housework?
Oh yes. I get mad if the maid does all the work. If she takes it all into her own hands, well, what’s there for me to do? I’m a cleaning fanatic. Dusting is my favorite, and Windex-ing.
Have you always been that way?
Yes, since I was littler. I was brought up by my mama cleaning the house all the time.
What are you listening to now?
I really like Rihanna. I think she’s great. And the girl Duffy. I think she’s amazing. I like the new Madonna CD. I like Leona Lewis too.
Will you see Madonna in concert?
Yes, in November when she’s here in LA.
What are your fashion must haves?
My True Religion jeans. I love them so much. That’s what I have on. They’re so comfortable they are almost like sweats. They fit like a glove.
Whats your relationship like with your mom these days?
It’s really, really good. I went through a stage in high school when it wasn’t so good, but now I’m at a stage where I really appreciate her a lot more.
What’s your relationship like with your dad these days?
It’s really good.
How was it visiting your sister Jamie Lynn when she had her baby Maddie?
That was special, but it was also strange because she’s always been the baby, and now the baby was having a baby. It was mind-boggling. I was shocked a little bit. But it was really cool, and she was happy. When she got to the hospital, we all thought it was going to be an all day thing, and instead, the baby just popped out. Okay, we’re happy now!
Will you visit again soon?
She’s going to come out here for the kids’ birthdays. It will be the first time the cousins meet. I’m sure the boys will be like big brothers to Maddie.
Tell us about the new album.
I think it is more urban. I’m working with producers who are just amazing. It’s Harvey Mason of The Underdogs. There is this fresh new energy.
Have you ever written that much of an album before?
Never this much. I’m writing every day, right here at the piano in this living room.
What do you want to say with this album?
That this is my best work ever.
That’s a very ambitious undertaking. What will make it the best?
Hard work, I guess.
Is the album going to seem more grown up than your previous work?
Definitely. The image factor to it is a little bit older, too. The videos will be very different.
When is it coming out?
In the next six to nine months.
You received great reviews for your appearances on How I Met Your Mother. Do you want to do more acting?
I’d love to, if I can find the right movie.
Is there anything in the works?
Actually, I have a part that just came up. We’re just trying to work it out with my schedule, with the children.
Could you imagine yourself getting into fashion design?
If I had the right team around me, definitely. We’re looking into it, it could happen. Probably women’s clothes first and then go into children’s.
How would you make your line stand out?
I’d want it to be original. I’d probably come up with themes, like an 80’s theme.
Where do you see yourself career wise, going out many years from now?
I want to have a lot of amazing albums under my belt, and some great movie roles.
What do you want your fans to know about where you are at right now?
I’m healthy, happy, and excited about the future.

Lauren Conrad Looks Deeply Into Why She Likes Gossip Girl

In a recent interview with Eonline's Marc Malkin, Lauren Conrad made a profound explanation as to why she loves Gossip Girl, stating, "It's so gossipy..."

That's like me saying, "I love Beverly Hills 90210 because it's so Beverly Hills." It's like DUH! Of course GG is "gossipy" and of course 90210 is so Beverly Hills.

Okay, LC. Way to really put off those reports that you have no depth...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ohio Man Nickel and Dimes His Way to New Car

70-year-old James Jones may be a cheap man who saves every item of change that comes in his direction, but his not-so-little collection has, in fact, paid for half of his new car.

Showing up at a Chevrolet dealership in a suburb of Cincinnati with 16 coffee tins full of coins, employees of the vehicle retailer had to count the money, discovering 90 minutes later that there was a total of $8000 in change.

James' son Dennis told reporters that his penny-pinching father has always paid for things with coins and that he’s most amazed that his father actually decided to replace his 1981 pickup--which most likely stemmed from him being struck when the truck's parking brake failed last year, putting him in a hospital.

Jones and his wife paid for the remaining $8000 balance of the truck with a check.

Wonder how long it took the couple to save all that change. Should I start on my coin collection today?

Shauna Sand Video Clip of the Day

Shauna Spots a Hooker - Not in Mirror (TMZ Exclusive)

I'm starting to become infatuated with the tranny mess that is Shauna Sand. I don't know. There's just something totally fascinating about her bleach-blonde, extensioned, barely dressed self that intrigues me. What can I say? I'm the first to admit I love a trainwreck. Heck, who doesn't?

Anyway, this video is hilarious and you must watch!!

Tori Spelling is Dissed by the New 90210

Remember when I posted a while back that Tori Spelling would not be appearing on the new 90210 afterall, due to her recent childbirth to daughter Stella? Well, turns out I was wrongly informed.

It turns out, in fact, that Ms. Spelling has been DE-NIED the same sum as her original co-stars Jennie Garth and Goddess Shannen Doherty to appear on 90210 2.0 . And as one would expect, the horse-faced actress is not a happy camper! Because of this, she has retracted her decision to return to the zip that made her famous.

Is Tori unattractive? Yes. Was she the worst "actress" to stem from the original 90210? Absolutely. But, I must agree with Garth, when she states, "Her father created the show." Good point. And for that alone, I definitely think Spelling should be offered the same amount of money as Garth and Doherty. Perhaps the producers figured Spelling has no career, so she'd probably walk on set for free, for that matter. I mean Doherty has no career, but let's be honest--she'd be worth all the millions and trillions in the world to reprise her role.

Garth apparently doesn't speak to Spelling anymore, but says of her former co-star, "I'm really bummed because I love Tori and I was psyched Tori was going to be on the show. I don't know what really happened because I haven't talked to her. I would like to talk to her."

Doherty is probably stoked. More screen time for her--I mean afterall, she is the only 90210 character people really care about. The only thing she had to offer for comment was, “They didn’t even get the numbers right so I don’t know if it’s about the money either.” How profound...

No Couture Ruined in the Process of Britney's First Magazine Interview in Two Years

Looks like Spearsy's talkin again--and not in a British accent. OK! magazine (you know, the pub that officiated the singer's meltdown after she conducted an interview with them a ways back, in which she ruined 2 of the couture gowns they provided for her photo shoot) has landed the sorta-reformed trainwreck's first magazine interview since the one they tried to conduct with her two years ago.

And when you're on as many anti-depressants and sedatives as Spears, you can only expect a boring, by-the-book Q & A. Yeah, the preview of this interview makes a copy of National Geographic's "Panda of the Year" issue look mighty juicy. Jamie Spears offers some interesting words about the new life he has with his daughter, but that's about it. This is very dry and G-rated. And of course the adorable photos of my favorite celebuspawns Sean Preston and Jayden James provide a worthwhile touch.

Issue is on newsstands today. Be sure to pick up your boring copy.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Sad Story About the Lauren Conrad Collection

You know how Michael K. has his infatuation with Shauna Sand and Phoebe Price? And how Perez loves him some Orange Oprah? Well, I guess you can put me on those levels when it comes to the Lauren Conrad Collection. I'm obssessed with it's atrociousness. The plot just keeps on thickening.

Apparently, the alleged "clothing designer" made an appearance at Bloomingdales in Century City last Thursday, and said the following to describe one of her pieces:

"This one's a little more nighttime. Again, it's a mini, it's that asymmetrical look that is in for this fall. Um, um. That's it [points to model]."

Anyway, my words can only say so much. Check out this vid for the live scoop!

America Ferrera Don't Give a Sheeit About Gossip Girl

We'll let the clip speak for itself. I think America Ferrera is a wee bit peeved that people care about Gossip Girl more than Ugly Betty. It's okay, America, thanks for giving us this clip to laugh upon.

Take That, Skanky Cyrus!

Taking Sides
A picture may typically be worth a thousand words, but in this case, maybe just four. But those four words surely say enough. And in tween-land, this photo is definitely making headlines.

In response to that horrendus YouTube vid in which Miley Cyrus and her skankalicious BFF Mandy Jiroux proceed to mock Selena Gomez and her BFF Demi Lovato, it appears Kevin Jonas, brother of Cyrus' ex-bf Nick, is making it clear which side he reps. I don't really care about these Jonas kids, but I will say, this tee is priceless! Nice work, pal.

And this tee follows not only the YouTube dramz, but the recent publishing of an interview with Seventeen magazine in which Cyrus tells the mag she and Nick "were in love for 2 years" and she may "end up marrying Nick Jonas."

Something tells me she'll take a hint after seeing this! Bad karma, biaaaatch!

Yes, There is Such a Thing as Bad Publicity

Hayden Panettiere is probably hiding herself in embarrassment after the scene that went down in the wee hours of this morning, following Hayden's event last night at Eva Longoria's restaurant Beso.

According to reports, Panettiere's father Alan was arrested after getting into a physical altercation with his wife, Hayden's mother, Lesley--with photographic evidence showing marks on Lesley's face from where Alan hit her.

As of the moment, there has not been public comment from Panettiere or her camp. All we know is there was reportedly alcohol involved, and this anger stemmed from Mr. P accusing his wife of "disrespecting him," following her chattiness with Paula Abdul's restaurant ex, JT Torregiani.

La La La

Good Monday morning,
I am tired--to say the least. I was having the most amazing 3-hour sleep last night, when unfortunately I had to wake up for work. [sigh]

Oh well. What a weekend. I think my roommates and I learned a thing or two about one another...ha ha. 

I hope everyone has a good day. There will be more to come later.

Peace out yallz

Friday, August 8, 2008

Shauna Sand: Responsible Mother and Model Citizen (NSFW)

Shit, this hoe makes Britney Spears look like Mother Theresa. Bitch lets it all hang out--including that deformed nipple. Like seriously, wtf? And as far as her downtown area goes, I would honestly rather not know. But back to that nipple--that shit canNOT be fo' real! For more of the classiness that is Shauna Sand, click here (better close-ups of those, umm...areas...)

Those poor kids of hers. I'm sure they are so proud...

This Whole Paris Hilton/John McCain Thing Has Gone WAY Too Far!

You have got to be kidding me! Apparently, in wake of the ridiculous spoof that Paris Hilton did to mock John McCain's ad campaign commercial, the slutty heiress is now creating "Paris for President" T-Shirts. The skank-soaked tees will be sold at Kitson, naturally.

This is so dumb. Seriously, I watched that original ad campaign that McCain aired. It had images of Hilton and Britney Spears for a whopping .5 milliseconds. In fact, I missed their "appearance" the first time I watched. Not to mention, they are placed in the ad at the time McCain says the words, "most famous person in the world." So it's not even an insult to the two girls. But being the publicity-whore--and just plain whore in general--Hilton of course had to make a HUGE deal about it--even going so far as to have her mother Kathy write a ranting blog on Huffington Post. Like really? Seriously? Who the eff cares? Wouldn't you idiots be flattered that your candidate of choice used you in one of his campaigns? It's not like you heard anything out of the mouths of Spears or her camp. Because in the big scheme of things, who the eff cares?!

Not to mention, who on Earth--especially in LA--is actually going to walk around donning something that says "Paris for President" ? Give me a break!

For the Second Time, I'm Promoting Something Kanye-Related [sigh]: "Everyone Nose"-Kanye West, N.E.R.D, Pusha T., Lupe Fiasco.

What the heck? Stupid blogger is acting up, and now I can't seem to publish this item. Please check out this video. It's totally off the chain. One of my favorites, in fact. It's this new cut from N.E.R.D.'s latest album. I love the video's theme. It's all 80's video game-premised, and the beat to the song is unique and energizing. I totally dig. I know, I know, Kanye sucks, but whatever. I can't knock this one.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Love Magazines? Hate Payin For Em'?

One of the best sites on the web has just emerged. It's called Mygazines and it allows you to browse through all of your favorite magazines--without paying a dime! I hate standing at the checkout line at the grocery store and feeling pressured to rush through a mag issue, as I scramble through the pages all hurriedly just trying to get to one particular story. 

Now, I can view the content I want, whenever I want, for free and at my own leisure! Mygazines allows you to browse through past and present issues of magazines, while skipping through the lame ads and being able to zoom into the page's photos so that you can view the quality just as you would in a hardcopy magazine. And all of this is done from the convenience of your own home or bed or wherever it is you keep your computer.

And not only all this, but you can also create your own virtual mag on the site.

It's awesome!

The 20 Ugliest Celebrities

Lyle Lovett, Donatella Versace, Tori Spelling, the guy from The Pogues pictured above? Who's your pick for ugliest celebrity? posted their Top 20 list of ranky-rank celebs. And I have to say they did quite a nice job with their pickins. I agree with all, except they need to take Rosie O' off the list and replace her with one of two key players: Rumer Willis or Fergie

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Before they were A-List Stars, What Hit Movies/TV Shows Didja See 'Em On First?

Katherine Heigl

NO CHEATING!!! (in other words, no IMDB-ing it!) But here's the test: You know how there are A-List stars who have been spotted on shows and in movies that TOTALLY bombed? Well how about the ones who were on really big HIT shows/movies, but looking back, you never realized it was them all along? Let's see if you know about the following celebs' pasts (hints are provided in italics). When you are done, answers can be viewed here.

1. Katherine Heigl may only be considered a sex symbol and award-winning actress after her gigs on "Grey's Anatomy," "27 Dresses" and "Knocked Up," but she's *always* been out of this world

2. Blake Lively's character on "Gossip Girl," may have been far from a virgin by the time the show first aired, but the actress has also played a character who lost her virginity throughout the airing of her movie

3. Before playing Charlotte (on SATC), a good girl in a trendy part of New York, Kristin Davis played a bad girl in a trendy part of California (No, not 90210)

4. Her character Bree on "Desperate Housewives" may have only lived on Wisteria Lane for several years, but don't think that Marcia Cross is any stranger to playing a character who stirs up drama with neighbors on a well-known street.

5. Who knows how much Pete Wentz loves Jesus (in fact, isn't he *Jewish*?), but if Ashlee Simpson were to marry the character her first TV character dated, she'd have no problem making Joe and Mama Simpson happy with a good Christian son-in-law

And what better way to close out this quiz than with a clip from "Gracie's Choice," a (tearjerking--literally) Lifetime film (go figure) where I first spotted the now-famous Kristen Bell. Check out the preview to this movie. It was so good. I remember thinking she was so cool. I had no idea she was like famous or something. heh

Chelsea Handler--at it Again

This comedian never fails to entertain--especially when it comes to talkin Lohans. You must watch this clip. If you've ever seen even a snippet of Livin Lohan, you'll totally find yourself falling off of your chair laughter. Chelsea Handler's parody is to a TEE what the Livin Lohan show and characters are like.

And be sure to watch till the end. There's a guest appearance by a very "special" someone.

Audrina Tells it Like it Is

We all know that there is much more fakeness to The Hills than just Audrina Patridge's too-large-for-her-body breasts and Heidi Montag's--well--everything. But it's always amusing how time and time again, the stars of the show insist nothing is staged, and everything happens the way it airs. Well, except for Speidi, who has no problem admitting their fights were all imposed (as if we didn't know).

But I am guessing as the show's popularity continues to increase, one by one, the stars are being a bit more open about the faux-ness of the MTV hit because they know that at this point, people will still watch. Patridge is the latest to have leaked some secrets. According to the "AboutMe" section of the reality star's blog:

"Born the eldest of four children in Downey, California, Audrina has always aspired to become an actress in Hollywood, and as soon as she turned 18, she signed with a small management company in LA. She honed her craft by participating in drama classes and private acting lessons, taking a job at Quixote Studios as she waited for her big break. Living a stone's throw away from the MTV production of "The Hills", Audrina was spotted sunbathing by the pool and asked by a producer if she would like to join the cast. She happily accepted her role as the dear friend of Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag in what was sure to be the beginning of her enticing career."

What's funny is about a year ago, I had actually heard the rumor that Patridge was indeed cast for her role on The Hills. Now it's interesting that she's pretty open about it. I also find it funny that she's from Downey, CA, when she continuously claims she reps "OC." Downey isn't even in OC, FYI. In fact, Downey is like the furthest thing from representing that typical "OC image" people have. But hey, at least we now know that Patridge's former Quixote (Season 1) gig was actually legit--unlike the gigs her other castmates had on the show.

Is it Bad That I Just Don't Find This Funny at All?

Perhaps I'm a bore. Or maybe it's just that I really, really despise Paris Hilton. Either way, this clip of a response to John McCain using a quick shot of Paris Hilton in one of his campaign commercials has been all the hype today.

I think the dumbest part has to be when Hilton says, "I guess this means I need to choose a Vice President. I think I'll choose Rihanna." Uhmm...okay....was that just the first name that popped into mind or something? 

I dunno...what do yall think about this lil vid?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Speidi Siblings Need a Lesson in Loyalty

We know the success of The Hills and it's stars rides solely on publicity stunt after publicity stunt, because these seemingly exciting characters can't create dramz naturally, but where is the line drawn? 

In the most recent paparazzi-friendly meet-up, Lauren Conrad giggled over a sandwich with none other than Heidi Montag's sister, Holly. Yeah, what? And of course, this follows Conrad's recent BFF-ship with Stephanie Pratt, the sister of Conrad's mortal enemy Spencer

I'll get to Holly's buck teeth and cankles (I cropped her cankles from the photo out of courtesy to save her from embarrasment) later, but in the meantime, this situation means one of two things:

Either Montag and Pratt have some pretty poor relationships with their siblings--so much so that they choose to publically gather with their siblings' enemy--OR--the openly honest famewhores Speidi are so eager for more publicity that they will sacrifice their integrity by having their siblings chill with their so-called enemy just so it will be one more thing the media can talk speculate.

So pathetic either way!

Shannen Doherty: Just Grateful to Be Recognized

Shannen Doherty
, the actress...err...I mean Goddess, who is about to reprise her role as Brenda Walsh on the new 90210, is singing a much friendlier tune these days than the one she sang back in the day before she got fired from not one--but two of Aaron Spelling's TV shows.

I'm happy to see my favorite actress in the universe in much less cat-fighty-ish spirits, but I have to admit, I think she's just stoked to be approached by the paps, following a little incident at the LAPD, in which apparently, the cops had no idea who she was!

Silly policemen, all you need to do is open a dictionary and look up the term "praiseworthy."

Check out Shannen's explanation of the occurrence here!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Would You Wear This Shit? Didn't Think So, Neither Would We!

Apparently Lauren Conrad still hasn’t received the memo: Her clothing line blows. People aren’t buying it, it gets terrible reviews, and it was just dropped from Kitson. But yet the FIDM student still for some reason has hope for this failing label of hers.

Her newest collection, La Vie en Rose (so original) looks exactly like the items in her other collections, just tackier. We understand LC is busy filming The Hills, posing for various photo shoots, and hitting up massive clubs and red carpets. But if she doesn’t have the time to really put forth effort into these cheap and humiliating designs, she is better off backing out of designing altogether—at least for now. Everytime she releases a new collection, the designs just keep getting worse and worse. Doesn’t make sense. She has such great style, why can’t she make her style for sale work?

And then to top it off, she tries to insult her potential consumers’ wallets by continuing to sell these Wet Seal-inspired mishaps for prices far higher than even close to their worth. I just don’t know what to say. How can such a fashionista walk out of the house knowing her shit sucks?! And still have the nerve to sell it seemingly confidently?

I Have No Explanation for This, I'm Sorry

Not sure which is more alarming: Phoebe Price's choice of "outfit" at last night's Teen Choice Awards--or--the fact that Phoebe Price was even invited to the Teen Choice Awards. Wonder if she and Mariah exchanged fashion tips before attending the event.

I'm sure Michael K. is having a field day with this one.

Other hideous choices from the event included Minka Kelly's plain white dress and eye-blinding tan, Demi Lovato's horseback riding get-up, Selena Gomez' plastic-looking, fluorescent-colored blue shoes, Brittany Snow's neck bumps, Miley Cyrus' nightclub ensemble, and Kim Kardashian--yes, Kim Kardashian's choice of lipstick and church-going dress. She's been failing me a lot lately. [sigh]

In happier Teen Choice Awards fashion news, Blake Lively, Vanessa Hudgens and Katharine McPhee looking absolutely stunning at the event!

The Platinum Pic of the Day

I don't think I've ever seen a more flawless bod (minus that hideous tattoo, of course) combined with such a beautiful face. Hot DAMN! More topless photos of Spanish model Nereida Gallardo here

In Case You Accidentally Slept Through the Weekend...

  • A 19-year-old ho, desperate for attention, called into some Virginia radio station last week, publicly claiming that Chris Brown fathers her bastard child. The baby mama, a VA native named Michelle Gasper, cried hysterically to the station, saying she and Brown dated for two years back in 2003, and that he helped her conceive her now 4-year-old son when she was 14 years old. She also told the station that Brown's mom Joyce Hopkins, was paying the teen off from day one, to keep her silent. She says she decided to come forth all this time later because she wants Brown in her child's life to play a fatherly role--AKA wants to take advantage of her supposed baby daddy's fame and $. 
  • In "thrilling" couples' news, Lindsay Lohan and her short-haired lova Samantha Ronson are supposedly due to wed later this year. Apparently Dina Lohan is doing all the wedding planning, and Lilo is reportedly in the process of shopping for a white Chanel mini. And on that note: I find it funny that everyone makes such a shocking deal of this whole Lilo/SamRo business, when doesn't anyone remember all those myspace messages from last year when Lohan's account was hacked? This whole "love" and "marriage" thing is really no new news in the duo's life.
  • The ground shook yesterday--and not from an aftershock from last Tuesday's earthquake. But by the posting of the cover of the Brangelina twins issue of People magazine. I know, just a cover. And not really much of a revealing one. But apparently, the 19-page spread of the saintly family, including twins, will be featured in the magazine's issue that hits newsstands today. A $15 million spread, might I add.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Platinum Pen Has Relocated! Some Very Exciting Updates in My World

It's official, everyone! This past week, I moved from my lovely apartment off of Sunset Blvd. to an even lovelier residence in the coveted Hollywood Hills. Not only is the area beautiful, safe, and luxurious, but I am now living in a home, as opposed to an apartment or condo, which is the type of living arrangement I endured for the past two years. I have encountered a number of changes over the course of the last 2 years, but each change has only pointed me in a better and much happier direction. The only negative thing about my new place is the lack of air conditioning. Yikes! Thank goodness this isn't one of the hotter summers, unlike the previous two years. But really, things are going well.

I've been so busy lately with the move, my blog, and of course work. Work is still going marvelously. I love my job, and I have just recently been given the o-k to add a few more hours onto my schedule if needed. I have also just started helping with E!'s Soup Blog, in addition to my normal everyday work with Eonline. On top of that, I will now be freelancing for the LA lifestyle website, LA2DAY. I am writing for the Fashion section, and I think some exciting opportuniries are to come from this. I will post links to my stories once they are posted on the site.

At this very moment, I am pretty happy with things. I still feel miserable when my tan is not up to par (such as right now, for example) or when I've missed several consecutive days at the gym (like this week. blah), but all-in-all, I am in a very carefree mode. I have no expectations regarding people and things. I'm just living life. And I think that's what it's all about. I have some fun-filled weekends up ahead that I'm really looking forward to. And I have a lot of other things in the works.

Thank you to all of you loyal readers. You guys are what keep me going! And to all of my friends, you must come see the new pad. It's fabulous. Once everything is arranged, you can expect a housewarming very soon!

I hope everyone is doing nicely. Don't be a stranger :-)


Rosie O'Donnell is Facing Her Addiction

Controversial comic/actress/talk show host/lesbian Rosie O'Donnell is coming forth about her serious addiction--one that faces many--one that faces myself--the addiction to blogging and the Internet.

What began as a brief message to her readers, led to O'Donnell confronting her so-called problem, hoping that taking time off from her daily rants and raves will help her in some way. She writes the following:

i am taking off august
in blog-ville
2 c if i can
rosie unplugged
happy summer peeps
peace in
peace out

Following the former View host's 1-month sayonara from the Blogosphere, she admitted to that she needs help with her cyber-dependency, telling the site, "they need the show "Intervention" for people who need to get off their computers! My real addiction is the computer and the blog."

I have the same addiction, but I do not find it unhealthy. And if it is something that gives the celebrity an outlet to speak her mind, while entertaining others and being informative, why should she stop? I proudly proclaim my World Wide Web addiction, and I wouldn't have it any other way! :-)

Ludacris Pulls a Kanye

Despite some oh-so-typical misogynistic and explicit lyrics, rapper Ludacris really has kept himself out of controversy's way--that is--until now. Following in the footsteps of a very politically outspoken Kanye West (remember when West proudly declared that George W. Bush doesn't care about Black people?), Luda makes a statement that has people reacting negatively--including presidential hopeful Barack Obama, himself.

In his latest cut, "Politics: Obama is Here," 'cris states in regards to Obama's current and former presidential opponents, "Hillary [Clinton] hated on you, so that b**ch is irrelevant.”

He then goes on to rant, "[John] McCain don't belong in any chair unless he's paralyzed. Yeah I said it 'cause Bush is mentally handicapped. Ball up all of his speeches and I throw 'em like candy wrap."

Upon hearing Luda's hateful new song, Bill Burton, an official spokesperson for Obama, released the following statement geared toward the rapper:

"...This song is not only outrageously offensive to Senator Clinton, Reverend Jackson, Senator McCain, and President Bush, it is offensive to all of us who are trying to raise our children with values we hold dear. While Ludacris is a talented individual he should be ashamed of these lyrics."

Something tells me Luda will not be invited to perform at Obama's inauguration ceremony.

Hah--Funny! Joel McHale Gives a Very Randomly Placed Mention to the Ducks & Beavers (Oregon People Check This Out)

Being a Pacific Northwester, The Soup's Joel McHale, born in Washington, threw in a quick little nod to Pac-10 college football teams/rivals Oregon Ducks and Oregon State Beavers. It was a very random little mention, but smile-provoking nonetheless, as I was an Oregon alum. Ducks all the way. Check out the clip. Overall, it isn't one of McHale's funnier pieces, but give it a viewing just to hear that part I'm talking about. It's about half-way through the clip.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Guess the Hot Celebu-mom!

Do not adjust your computer screen, for this is not a joke. In wake of her son's DUI arrest over the weekend, Shia Le Boeuf's mom Shayna has surfaced. And it ain't pretty. And I hear Papa LB is even worse!
And you wonder why the kid has problems...

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