Saturday, May 31, 2008


Platinum Pen reader Ben Mann spotted 90210's James Eckhouse at the Van Nuys courthouse on Thursday.

The Sex and the City Movie Touched Me In Places I Never Knew Existed

Ok,that was a pun--but a good one at that.

Anyway, would you believe I think I've only seen maybe 2 episodes of SATC in my lifetime? Pretty abnormal, right? And even though I figured the movie itself would be good, I didn't know If I would be able to follow, seeing as I was unfamiliar with the show's past. Well, luckily those 2 episodes I DID see were enough to get me through the plotline. Anyway, the movie was incredible. It was fun, emotional, inspirational and bittersweet. It just made me feel different. It made me miss new York so much and it made me just feel the beauty of what a potential love life and career life would be for me there. I really saw the beauty and passion in the characters' romantic relationships and it just gave me so much to think about. And everything in the movie seemed so realistic. It was just really wonderful and I truly hope everyone has the opportunity to experience the joy and emotion I experienced watching this film. Ahh... Here come the tears.

I guess on a slightly different note, I began to reflect on what a 90210 movie would be like, and it made me sorrowful to think that because the show was so drawn out and because Shannen would probably never agree to return, and because there's some ridiculous spinoff show, I guess a 90210 movie probably will never occur. And then I started to become sad about how dumb the show got during it's final years, and how Brenda really DID run the show and how I never felt the same way about the show following her departure. It's just sad. And that stupid spinoff show makes me sad. How dare anyone try to take away from the impression the original 90210 left on my generation and the one prior. Ugh, I guess I'm rambling and I guess I just get sad over stupid things?

Friday, May 30, 2008

Let’s Ponder: Do You Feel Like Your Appearance at the Workplace Affects Your Work Performance?

brown suit

I don’t know about you, but I feel like on days in which I look really put together and my hair and makeup look flawless, I am much more eager to do work and to be at work. I feel confident about my work ethic and am eager to do as much as possible, and get it done efficiently and effectively. On days, however, in which I just can’t get it together, I feel like I come in to work and try to hide in my little cubicle corner, just crossing my fingers that I don’t have to deal with anyone. It’s so awkward. I hate looking crappy at work. It has nothing to do with being sick or hungover or anything. It’s just in general. But on days in which I look good, I feel so great and so motivated. Even if I know that nobody will really see me at work that day, my appearance (good or bad) still affects everything.

I figure this is an obvious aspect of human nature. I mean obviously our appearance affects our lives, but I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this in the job sense. Like on days when I roll out of bed and head straight to work, I like totally dread the day and hide myself.

What do you guys think? Does your personal appearance affect you at the workplace or is it same ol’, same ol’ regardless?

Tha Muthaf****n Man!

D.J. Khaled

This muthaf***a DJ Khaled is the S**T! I've been listening to his stuff for like 3 or 4 years, but after hearing his latest jam, I just *had* to do a posting. I'm just like, shit. He may not be an actual *rapper* per-se, but all the shit on his albums is all his. And for the first time in my entire life, I can honestly say there is not *one* song of I’ve heard that I have not absolutely *loved*. I’m like bumping his tunes in my headphones while I’m at work, and it makes me want to get in my car and take a long drive. I think I need to go out and buy all of his albums like stat! I think I’m going to do that today after work. So if you are in the ‘Wood and you hear someone rolling by in a black whip with Khaled bumpin, well that’s probably ME!

Everyone needs to peep his latest jam. It’s ILL!!!!

"Out Here Grindin"

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bathrooms: An Invitation to Awkwardville


We all do it. Hopefully everyday. You know, bowel movements and urination. Ok, I'm not trying to get all into that, because let's be honest, it's not a topic that makes our mouths water. BUT...I just feel like there is so much discomfort that goes into these everyday natural bodily functions. I mean if everybody does it, why is it still so freakin uncomfortable??

Okay, so tell me if this applies to you guys. You work in a big corporate office with tons on people and you know, it's early morning, everyone's chugging their cup o' joe, and well, naturally, the bathroom begins to call everyone's name. You try to avoid the whole thing, but you just can't, and so finally, you get up from your little cubicle and you make your way to awkwardville, just praying that nobody else is in the bathroom when you get in there. You walk in and there's one stall door closed. "crap," you think. But then you're like, "ok, whatever. I'm just going to sit down on a toilet seat, wait until that person flushes, and as soon as I hear them exit the bathroom altogether, I will let your bodily actions take plight." Toilet flushes, stall opens, sink turns on, sink turns off, and finally the long-awaited sound of the bathroom door closing fills the air. You're finally home free! Or are you? Just as you're finally about to take care of business, the sound of that damn bathroom door is back again, and it looks like you've missed your big chance to let it all out. So you're already in your stall and at this point, you like have to at least do something, so you go pee real quick, wash your hands, go back to your cubicle and sit for the remainder of the day in a gassy discomfort. It's like what if you do take the plunge and go for the glory while people are in other stalls? It's like you always fear that one of the people in the other stalls is your boss. How awkward to face your boss at the sink after your bathroom adventure!

Or what about roommates? Unless you're living with your long-time boyfriend or girlfriend, or you're living with your spouse, going to the bathroom with the knowledge that there is always someone there, always someone being subjected to the sounds of your bodily functions--well, that's just awkward. I have literally walked miles before, just to find an anonymous bathroom so that I would not have to go in my apartment. Granted, this is at a time in which I was living with a male. Thankfully, in my current situation, there are 2 bathrooms, and each of which are far apart. So if God forbid I need to use the facilities, doing so is a bit more simple. But even so, it can still be awkward.

Or what about at the freakin bar/club? There's like no way out. You've been drinking beer all night and you like HAVE to go. You see that all the stalls are full, but you're drunk and you just don't give a you-know-what. So you plop down, do yo' thang, and you head to the sink...only to notice the next girl in line walk in your previous stall, and walk right out, causing a comotion amongst her friends about how gross it smelled in there.

I'm sure of two things regarding this topic. 1) that every person who reads this has experienced one of the three incidents. 2) that every person who reads this will never think of going to the bathroom the same way.

Happy pooping! ;-)

She’s Come A Long Way From the Glen Oak Community Church Days

Remember Mackenzie Rosman? You know, the adorable little darling who played Ruthie Camden, the youngest daughter on “7th Heaven.” Well, she’s still adorable, but clearly she’s not the same fro-haired, bible-bangin’ youngin we knew and loved. Well no, we still love her. She’s HOTTT. But she’s just obviously grown up—you know, stepped out from the wings of God. Here she is posing sexily in (gasp!) a bra and panties. AND (close your virgin eyes) she’s tonguing some CHICK!

What would Father Camden say about this?!

I Never Knew Women Were Capable of Impregnating Other Women

Clay Aiken has just done the unthinkable. She got someone pregnant! I don’t know which I am pondering more—how she developed sperm, or if she actually had SEX!

Okay, phew I was right! There’s no way Gayken practiced the act of fornication. TMZ reveals that the A.I. finalist artificially inseminated his record producer, the mid-40’s Jaymes Foster, sister of big-time record producer David Foster. Aiken will reportedly play a big role in raising the child.

Okay, so now that we’ve got that out of the way, back to the original question… How do women donate sperm to other women?

Either way, I would not want to be an Aiken offspring!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Unfortunately, Not *All* Celebs Have Been Graced With Good Looks From Head to Toe

We've all heard (and probably used) the term "Butterface." You know, "everything's cute but 'er face." I know, it's sad, ain't it? Well don't shoot the messenger! I'm just passing on a little photo gallery our dear friends at TMZ assembled of some of the lesser hot Hollywood stunnaz. They may be rockin the six packs, but at least I can rest assured at night that I've got the hotter face. CHECK IT OUT!

EXCLUSIVE: Today I Chatted With Tori Spelling

On the brink of the 3rd season of her Oxygen-hosted reality show "Tori & Dean," the former (and perhaps re-appearing) Donna Martin shared some words about what to expect this season. I don't watch the show (duh), but I was digging much deeper, for like actual juice. I asked her about the current relationship she has with her mom Candy, and if Mama Spelling would indeed be making an appearance on the show this season. Tori blatantly ignored the question about the status between her mom and she, and in a cold-mannered tone, responded, "No, no, there will be no family appearing on my show. After all my family drama portrayed in the media, at this point, having anyone in my family appear would only seem like a gimmick to get people to watch." (ala Dina Lohan, perhaps??... hmmm....)

She also mentioned that her son Liam loves the camera and hubby Dean chimed in, saying Liam is "a pro."

She's stoked about appearing on the 90210 spinoff and says she owes everything to the original show and all of it's fans. She doesn't know if Donna and David are still married (so it looks like you'll have to tune in to find out [dun dun dun...]).

Lastly, there's nothing she regrets about publishing her tell-all book, "sTORI TELLING," and Jennie Garth is the only original 90210 cast member who she gave a copy to.

-Exclusive photo Copyright The Platinum Pen-

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Want To Make It Through LA Alive? Avoid the 110 Freeway AKA the Deadly Freeway

110 Freeway

The 5, the 101 and the 405 all get bad raps--mainly for traffic and whatnot. The 110, however, is known for DEATH. And not just death caused my mindless drivers. The 110 (Harbor fwy) is the freeway that takes you through parts of Downtown and South Central (ie. USC-land, ie. the HOOD). Since living in LA, I have not heard too much about the typically spoken-of freeways, with the exception of an accident here or there or the typical hustle and bustle that any freeway possesses. Whereas, when it comes to the 110, all I read about is drive-by shootings, drunk driving and other murder and death-related things. Google "110 freeway" or go to and look up "110 freeway" and read about the horrors.

In related LA freeway news, yesterday (Memorial Day) was a hay-day for cops and firemen, but a tragic one for many drivers. Read about the deadliest crash of the day (and see the photo) and other horrible driving incidents.

Car accidents are my biggest fear. It's just such an unexpected, preventable way to die or injure ones self. I hate seeing things like this happen. I mean granted, they can happen anywhere. But drive-by freeway shootings--those get saved for the good ol' 110. Trust me, peeps. Take my word.

Leave it to Michael Lohan to Spill His Daughter’s Lesbian Beans—But Leave it To God To Approve Them

It has been speculated for more than a year that Lindsay Lohan is dating her BFF DJ pal Samantha Ronson. Last year, there was the infamous myspace hacking scandal in which Lilo’s messages to Ronson (amongst other messages in general) were leaked, including one to Ronson that read: “…I want to marry you and have children with you.” This year, there have been hickeys photographed on Ronson’s neck, reportedly delivered via Lohan. And just this weekend, Lindsay has been captured sportin a fancy rock on her wedding finger, which is said to be an engagement ring from Ronson.

There is nothing wrong with a little lesbian lovin between the two girls (seriously, who cares?!), but why the denial? Well, while mom Dina (who lies about everything anyway, so no shocker there) and sister Ali (who is team Dina), claim the two are “just really good friends,” good ol’ Michael (who never fails to be a dependable source of airing any Lohan dirty laundy), clears things up (for those who had any sleepless nights of doubts), saying, “[Lindsay and Samantha’s romance is] evident to anyone with half a brain.”

But it wouldn’t be a complete Papa-Lo statement without a little nod to the man (in his belief) above, “[Lindsay] is a big girl, and she can make her own life choices. Then it is between her and God.”

I guess Linds probably figures she’s already hit every guy, may as well move on to the road less traveled. I wish them all the best!

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

Sex tape, hit reality TV show, seXXXy boyfriend, wealthy, good family values, gorgeous—who wouldn’t want to walk in Kim Kardashian’s shoes for a day or two? But if one is going to really make the attempt to impersonate Kimmy K (like I did for Halloween—hot), at least be a) HOT and b) actually pull it off (ie. Actually LOOK like her). When I was Kimmy K for Halloween, it was more of an overdramatized parody. It was cute and funny.

But apparently at some rank-ass club in Houston, there is a fugly-ass gal who is trying to play off Kim for the real deal—and is trying to fool people into thinking it is Kim, while this stupid promoter for this club is profiting because people are paying to see Kim. If you are going to attempt to be Kim Kardashian, please, please PLEASE, do it right—no, wait—just don’t do it. Because there is only one Kim Kardashian, and there will only ever be one Kim Kardashian.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Dance Mix of One of My FAVORITE 80's Songs (SOOOOO good! Check This Out NOW!)

Remember "Object of My Desire" by Starpoint from like 1987? Well, this is the dance mix by Dana Rayne. I really like it. I've heard it a long time ago, but I decided to post it. It's pretty lively and gets me pumped! Do you love it?

I spotted...

I spotted Brent Bolthouse and Janice Dickinson at Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood on Friday.

Josh Zimmerman Featured On Current TV

My good pal Josh Zimmerman was featured on Current TV after posting a news item. Check out the clip.

Winston's: Best Music, Worst Service

My roommate and I love Winston's. It's for sure our favorite bar and perhaps maybe even our favorite place altogether. And all of her friends love it, too. We go there a LOT. We love the music. It, by far, has the best music selection of any place I've ever been to--anywhere. BUT... for some reason, Winston's also happens to be the most pretentious of places. The crowd is always pretty pretentious (ok, fine, whatever, we're in LA, that shit happens), BUT...the service is what really irks me. EVERY single time I have been to Winston's, I find the general vibe of the service to be very, very negative. The bartenders are bitches who roll their eyes at you because you are God-forbid taking too long signing your credit card amount with THEIR tip on it. The DJs look at you like you are a freak for requesting a song they *claim* they've never heard of, even though it's right down the alley of the music they are playing. In general, I would say okay, this is expected. This is Hollywood/West Hollywood/LA whatever. But NO! I've been to way hotter spots than Winston's (Area, Les Deux, Opera, etc...) and let me just say that everyone is SO nice, so gracious, so accomodating. I have never had a problem at these other places. The only other place I've had a serious problem with service was at Ritual, but that club is a piece of crap in the first place (which nobody ever goes to), so it is no surprise that the service sucks. But anyway, just wanted to vent after my negative experience last night. What do you guys think? Anywhere you've experienced terrible service when you would have expected otherwise? Sound off in the comments!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Best "Hills" Parody Ever!

Big ups to Chelsea Handler for this one!! I literally laughed out loud...for the whole thing!

Props to Perez

Love him or hate him, you know him and you have to give him credit. He's ingrained himself as a self-made icon in pop-culture, and whether we will all admit it or not, he has served as an influence and inspiration to journalists and media folks everywhere. I will never have anything negative to say about a person who has changed the way we read, write, watch and perceive the media. I only wish I could say I have accomplished everything he has done in just a short time. My day will indeed eventually come, but in the meantime, I must pay homage to the man who started it all.

Apparently I am not the only one who praises the blogger, as Genre magazine has dedicated a full page to the blogger-turned-actor-author-record label CEO. It’s pretty nifty. Check it out here

I Spotted...

Real World: Las Vegas alum Trishelle Cannatella was spotted getting her workout on yesterday with a personal trainer @ LA Fitness in Hollywood.

Learn it, Live it, Love it

This has to be one of the cheesiest music vids of all time, and maybe even one of the cheesiest songs, but lately I've been on this 80's-R&B-love-making-jamz kick (don't ask why, because I do not have an answer), so this is the latest song I want to promote. If you can't stand watching the vid, at least dig the song for me, k? It's really good and I love it :-)

"If You Were Here Tonight" - Alexander O'Neal

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sharon Stone's UFO

We've all seen women flash their undies and their you-know-what's, but what on EARTH (literally) is that object lingering underneath Sharon Stone’s dress? Maybe it’s just my eyes, but it looks like a umm… what do YOU think that is? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to have an answer. This pic is driving me crazy!

You Can Take Girl Out of a Mess, But You Can't Take the Mess Out of a Girl...

She may have dropped her faux-English accent and kicked her paparazzi boy-toy to the curb, but Britney Spears clearly hasn’t given up those dreadful extensions. Her hair looks disastrous, her eyes look over-partied and her skin and body—well ‘nuff said. Britwreck and George Maloof gathered for din-din last night at Il Sole, and quite apparently, Britney didn’t put forth too much effort getting ready for the meet.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Raciest Ads Ever...

Perfume ads are always drenched in sex-appeal, but THESE take sex-appeal to new heights. This is just ... ummm... well the pics speak for itself...


It's official. This 90210 spinoff thing is indeed coming to haunt your television screen. I was in denial for the longest time, but now that this preview (below) has officially been assembled, I guess it's time for me to face reality. I can't express how upset I am that a so-called "spinoff" of a show that isn't even using any of the same directors, producers, writers, characters (except maybe 1 or 2...mayyybe) as the original is going to exist. Heck, it's not even on the same CHANNEL, for crying out loud. 90210 was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I'm not even joking. I never want ANYTHING to even come close to attempting to replace it. I don't want some ridiculous spinoff to be what the new generation is left with as what 90210 is. No! I'm sorry, but unless the name Brenda Walsh is in the script, you can count me out of this viewing! I'm sure the show is going to be exactly like Gossip Girl and OC, except instead of taking place in NY or Newport, it'll take place in Beverly Hills. There was so much more to the original 90210 than just soap-esque drama. There were powerful lessons, meaningful family moments, just so much. 90210 is the only show that has and will EVER really hold a special place in my heart. Nothing will replace it, and nothing should ever try. Check out this terrible looking preview. This is *so* not cool...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dina Lohan : Mom to Four, Hero to Many

Good ol’ Dina Lohan. She’s the gift that keeps on giving. Never one to provide us bloggers, journalists, TV hosts, and media-related individuals at large with a shortage of material, she’s at it again. (thank heavens!). It’s old news by now that the fame-hungry mother (and party-pal) of 4 has her and daughter Ali’s reality show “Living Lohan” popping up on E! in just one week exactly (Memorial Day, baby!), but just today, a new preview clip from the show was released. And if you’re anything like me, you know you just CAN’T wait all the way until next Monday to catch a sneak peak. Okay, I need to stop blabbing, and you need to start watching. It doesn’t get any better than this, folks.

Audrina Shows Off A Really Bad Breast Aug

Paging Dr. Rey!!!

Someone needs to rescue the Hills star from her terrible umm...chest. I am all for big, fake boobs and whatnot, but not big, fake, largely separated, weirdly molded ones.

Check out these after and before shots. Even Heidi Montag scored a better pair of fake jugs!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

You Know Your Life Has Hit Rock Bottom When...

...You suddenly find your own looks inferior to the looks of an androgynous cyber sensation....

Case in point: Chrissy Crocker. Shit....Even my mom was like DAYUM. [sigh.]

Friday, May 2, 2008

Mariah Lives Up to Her Diva Rep

It's funny. I just finished a posting about hating Gwen Stefani's fashion and music, but learning to respect her as a person and celebrity. Now, with this post, I'm going vice versa. Let's talk about someone who has (some) decent songs, has a pretty amazing (albeit annoying at times) voice, has o-k fashion sense, but happens to be far too much of a diva and bugs me so much that I don't think I can listen to her songs anymore. Okay, give up? Probably not, considering there is a pic of her right above this text. Anyway, Mariah Carey. What a freakin waste of talent. She just strikes me as the biggest bitch on earth. From the way she acts on stage at various performances, to the way she talks on live interviews.

But here's what really threw me over the edge. This week, Mariah's biggest competition Madonna released her album "Hard Candy," which got fabulous reviews. And Mimi, feeling o-so-inferior went so far to steal the spotlight from Madonna's week, that she went and eloped with boyfriend of like 3 weeks Nick Cannon. Oh, and all of this followed what occurred at the beginning of the week, which was Mariah flashing a huge rock on her finger--of course a huge publicity stunt. And yes, it got everyone talking. So much so that, in fact, people apparently forgot about Madge's album. Now don't get me wrong--Madonna is a diva as well. But she's much more subtle about it. And she's so composed and strong-minded. She has raised the perfect daughter, is in the perfect marriage, and she's never had a breakdown. So yes, of course I am going to be pissed when the Touch My Body singer tries to steal the spotlight from the Material Girl. And for the record Mariah, you may have come out on top with your media whoring, but guess what? The first two singles on your album suck, so we'll see who wins in the end.

Not a Change of Heart, Just a Different Outlook


So for what I'd say has literally been 50% of my life, I have had a very strong distaste for Gwen Stefani--and I haven't been shy about letting the world know. This began in 7th grade, but stood out especially in 9th grade when I was literally tormented because I hated Gwen. I had an Anti-Gwen webpage, an Anti-Gwen mailing list, and how can one forget: the infamous "" Somehow, someway, all of the Gwen-a-bees (as I think they called them back in the day) from my school found all of my Anti-Gwen-ness on the web and it brought on war. I'm talkin mad dramz. The kind of dramz that goes down when you hook up with your friend's ex. I'm serious. But I stood my ground and stayed true to the fact that I HATED this woman.

Fast forward twelve years later...Gwen is still around, still wearing that weird ass shit she wears, and I still scowl everytime "Spiderwebs" gets a spin on the radio. Yes, I still hate all of her freakin songs (and Hollaback Girl, that DEF includes YOU!), but all music (and fashion)-related biz aside, I have to say I've come to (gasp) respect the lady. And no, not because she is daring with her style and music and blah blah blah. and unique and blah blah blah. Like I said, I still hate that shit. BUT...I respect her as a celebrity. She is never portrayed negatively, she appears to be a great, responsible mother, and she's managed to maintain a consistent marriage for quite some time. Which P.S. that Gavin guy actually seems pretty chill. I'd probably have a beer with him. Plus, his music totally OWNED the movie "Fear." But anyway, I can't hate on a woman who is responsible, who you never see hitting the clubs, and who stays outta harm's way. And quite frankly, in the world of the Lohans, Spears, Hiltons, and Winehouses, I definitely think that counts for something! So bottom line: I'm not going to use "hate" anymore when referring to Gwen.