Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Platinum Pen Has Relocated! Some Very Exciting Updates in My World

It's official, everyone! This past week, I moved from my lovely apartment off of Sunset Blvd. to an even lovelier residence in the coveted Hollywood Hills. Not only is the area beautiful, safe, and luxurious, but I am now living in a home, as opposed to an apartment or condo, which is the type of living arrangement I endured for the past two years. I have encountered a number of changes over the course of the last 2 years, but each change has only pointed me in a better and much happier direction. The only negative thing about my new place is the lack of air conditioning. Yikes! Thank goodness this isn't one of the hotter summers, unlike the previous two years. But really, things are going well.

I've been so busy lately with the move, my blog, and of course work. Work is still going marvelously. I love my job, and I have just recently been given the o-k to add a few more hours onto my schedule if needed. I have also just started helping with E!'s Soup Blog, in addition to my normal everyday work with Eonline. On top of that, I will now be freelancing for the LA lifestyle website, LA2DAY. I am writing for the Fashion section, and I think some exciting opportuniries are to come from this. I will post links to my stories once they are posted on the site.

At this very moment, I am pretty happy with things. I still feel miserable when my tan is not up to par (such as right now, for example) or when I've missed several consecutive days at the gym (like this week. blah), but all-in-all, I am in a very carefree mode. I have no expectations regarding people and things. I'm just living life. And I think that's what it's all about. I have some fun-filled weekends up ahead that I'm really looking forward to. And I have a lot of other things in the works.

Thank you to all of you loyal readers. You guys are what keep me going! And to all of my friends, you must come see the new pad. It's fabulous. Once everything is arranged, you can expect a housewarming very soon!

I hope everyone is doing nicely. Don't be a stranger :-)


Rosie O'Donnell is Facing Her Addiction

Controversial comic/actress/talk show host/lesbian Rosie O'Donnell is coming forth about her serious addiction--one that faces many--one that faces myself--the addiction to blogging and the Internet.

What began as a brief message to her readers, led to O'Donnell confronting her so-called problem, hoping that taking time off from her daily rants and raves will help her in some way. She writes the following:

i am taking off august
in blog-ville
2 c if i can
rosie unplugged
happy summer peeps
peace in
peace out

Following the former View host's 1-month sayonara from the Blogosphere, she admitted to that she needs help with her cyber-dependency, telling the site, "they need the show "Intervention" for people who need to get off their computers! My real addiction is the computer and the blog."

I have the same addiction, but I do not find it unhealthy. And if it is something that gives the celebrity an outlet to speak her mind, while entertaining others and being informative, why should she stop? I proudly proclaim my World Wide Web addiction, and I wouldn't have it any other way! :-)

Ludacris Pulls a Kanye

Despite some oh-so-typical misogynistic and explicit lyrics, rapper Ludacris really has kept himself out of controversy's way--that is--until now. Following in the footsteps of a very politically outspoken Kanye West (remember when West proudly declared that George W. Bush doesn't care about Black people?), Luda makes a statement that has people reacting negatively--including presidential hopeful Barack Obama, himself.

In his latest cut, "Politics: Obama is Here," 'cris states in regards to Obama's current and former presidential opponents, "Hillary [Clinton] hated on you, so that b**ch is irrelevant.”

He then goes on to rant, "[John] McCain don't belong in any chair unless he's paralyzed. Yeah I said it 'cause Bush is mentally handicapped. Ball up all of his speeches and I throw 'em like candy wrap."

Upon hearing Luda's hateful new song, Bill Burton, an official spokesperson for Obama, released the following statement geared toward the rapper:

"...This song is not only outrageously offensive to Senator Clinton, Reverend Jackson, Senator McCain, and President Bush, it is offensive to all of us who are trying to raise our children with values we hold dear. While Ludacris is a talented individual he should be ashamed of these lyrics."

Something tells me Luda will not be invited to perform at Obama's inauguration ceremony.

Hah--Funny! Joel McHale Gives a Very Randomly Placed Mention to the Ducks & Beavers (Oregon People Check This Out)

Being a Pacific Northwester, The Soup's Joel McHale, born in Washington, threw in a quick little nod to Pac-10 college football teams/rivals Oregon Ducks and Oregon State Beavers. It was a very random little mention, but smile-provoking nonetheless, as I was an Oregon alum. Ducks all the way. Check out the clip. Overall, it isn't one of McHale's funnier pieces, but give it a viewing just to hear that part I'm talking about. It's about half-way through the clip.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Guess the Hot Celebu-mom!

Do not adjust your computer screen, for this is not a joke. In wake of her son's DUI arrest over the weekend, Shia Le Boeuf's mom Shayna has surfaced. And it ain't pretty. And I hear Papa LB is even worse!
And you wonder why the kid has problems...

Kimmy K Pulls a J-Lo; Doesn't Pull it Off--While Khloe K Still Looks Like a Man

It was an unfortunate day for the Kardashian klan, who came out to Project Beach House in Malibu for McDonalds' 40th bday this past weekend (celebratin 40 years of heart disease. woot!). Kimmy from Da Block--err...I mean Valley... donned this Puerto Rican-vibed get-up, and I have to say, as much as I worship this Goddess, this look just isn't my favorite.

And speaking of unfavorable looks, it comes as no surprise that Kim's sis Khloe looks horrendus--especially as she stands there hovering over Lauren Conrad. LC doesn't care as long as ya keep fillin up that drink she's got in hand. And remember my Khloe K. bikini posting from the other day? Yup, once again, everyone is in a bathingsuit (of sorts) except for Khloe. I'm still waiting for someone to send me a freakin photo of Khloe in a bikini. I told you, I will have a special *prize* for the first person who sends!!!

What Ever Happened To...

Remember this stud of a muff? Zach Morris. Had the ladies at Bayside High swooning. What ever happened to him?? (real name Mark Paul Gosselaar).


Mischief-maker-heartthrob-turned-scruffy-haired-family-man. Shit, I'd still hit it.

What a freakin adorable son...and pretty wife...blah...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

In Case You Were Visiting Mars This Past Week...

  • It was a battle of the Disney hotties VS the Disney Notties. 15-year-old Miley Cyrus and her trailer park teef, alongside her 20-year-old cradle-robbing BFF Mandy Jiroux, tried tried to chomp all over Disney darlings Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Cyrus and Jiroux made complete annoying idiots out of themselves (out wait--nothing new) in an attempt to mock Disney's most beautiful starlets in a YouTube video (see below). Cyrus has her granny panties in a bunch because not only is Gomez waaayyyyy hotter than Cyrus' skankazz, but Gomez is rumored to be dating Cyrus' ex, Nick Jonas. I don't know what's more pathetic: the fact that Cyrus and Jiroux are stupid enough to actually post this--or the fact that Jiroux is wasting her time dissing 2 adorable girls who are 5 years her junior!

  • Shanna Moakler let her true classy colors show at a BBQ in Malibu, throwing a drink at Kim Kardashian, claiming the Armenian Goddess was sending more-than-friends-ish emails to her then-hubby Travis Barker. Moakler chatted it up with blog owner Nik Richie, and on the record, called Kardashian a "fat donkey," amongst other things. If Kimmy K. is a "fat donkey," then I aspire to be just that!
  • Famous fashion flopper Mariah Carey done did it again, looking (as Perez would say) shitaeous as she showed up to BET's 106 & Park in a gawd-awful number.

Friday, July 25, 2008

To All My Readers, Please Forgive My Lack of Postings Lately





Finding a Photo of Khloe Kardashian in a Bikini is About as Likely as Finding a Photo of Sienna Miller Not in a Topless One

Try typing "Khloe Kardashian in a Bikini" in google. See image above! Only 22 results. And what's funnier? Those 22 results are in fact mislabeled. I clicked on them only to find that the photos are actually of Kourtney and Kim, not Khloe and Kim. So what do we learn from this? Khloe Kardashian is ashamed of being the fatty sister--OR she really is a man!

I have a special prize for the first Platinum Pen reader who emails me a (non-photoshopped) photo of the lesser attractive Kardashian wearing a bikini.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

X17 Embraces Britney's Shitty Parenting Skills

X17 Online, the unconditionally Britney Spears-loving paparazzi agency, irritates the hell out of me once again. Yesterday I posted that pic of cute little Sean Preston playing with mommy Spears' pink lighter. x17 had posted that photo, along with a series of others, demonstrating the 2.5-year-old tot grabbing Spears' lighter and cigarettes very curiously and eager.

It must have been a slow day for X17, who then proceeded to re-post the photos yet again this morning, stating, "Brit's just lookin' SO fine in these pix, and little Sean Preston is so cute - not that Jayden isn't! - we just had to post 'em again!"

X17 is and isn't as dumb as one would think for laying out a story as such. You see, the agency was able to state the obvious (Spears' son got a hold of her light-up stash and Spears therefore looks like an irresponsible parent), but still come out looking like the nice guys by (overly) sugar coating a very serious situation.

Although the agency most likely feels it was able to kill two birds with one stone, in the end, the site still comes off ignorant for praising such photos and pathetic for it's desperate attempts at kissing Spears' ass.

Hayden and the Chipmunks

Who knew Hayden Panettiere had such chubby cheeks? She can thank her new 'do for bringing that to the surface

Platinum Pen EXCLUSIVE: The Hills is Even Faker Than You Think!

A Platinum Pen reader reveals to me exclusively that she spotted Lauren Conrad and cohorts on Friday, filming a scene for The Hills on location—on location of a set, that is. Yup, not only are the events and drama on the faux-ality show acted out, but even some of the locations are fake!

My source spotted LC in her black Mercedes in the parking lot of a lighting studio off of La Brea Ave. in Los Angeles. Apparently the parking lot had a fake traffic light set up and the idea was to impose Lauren in her car on the road, having a conversation with someone. Now it all makes sense. I always wondered how they managed to so accurately film those car scenes. Duhhh…because most of them are not actually on the road.

As I watch the updated preview for Season 4 of The Hills (which premieres Aug 18th, FYI), I pretty much assumed everything you see is fake. Although I have to wonder if LC’s crying scenes are real—either that, or she’s really mastered this whole acting thing to a tee. But then again, she does so much crying on the show that she’d have to have mastered that action by now.

Is Kim Kardashian Sacrificing Her A-List Club Cred For a C-List Reality Show?

We all know Kim Kardashian knows how to shake her (plentiful) groove thang at Goa, Villa and other A-List hotspots, but does the Armenian seXXX symbol plan to take her dancing skills outside of the nightclubs?

Helio Castroneves, winner of Season 5 of Dancing With the Stars was apparently overheard backstage at the ESPYs, revealing that Kimmy K. will be one of the celebrity contestants on this Fall's season of ABC's hit show.

Somehow, I do not believe this is true. If anything, maybe I could see Kris or Bruce Jenner polishing their dancing shoes for the C/D-List reality show, but definitely not Kim. Guess we'll have to wait till the Fall to find out!

Paint Yourself With the Colors of 90210

The popular nail polish line O.P.I.--known for developing themed shades often related to countries, seasons and so forth--will develop it's latest collection, titled "90210," in anticipation of the new spinoff series. Details related to the specific shades and their titles are not available just yet, but are to be released within the coming weeks.

Some possibilities are listed here

*Special thanks to Platinum Pen reader Becky Leung*

Monday, July 21, 2008

Huge Word-of-Mouth Denim Sale in Hollywood This Weekend

Paige Premium Denim, one of the trendiest jean lines in LA--and everywhere--is offering this amazing word-of-mouth opportunity. I figured I'd reward my loyal readers by giving you guys the chance to take advantage of this wonderful offer. All the 411 is listed on the flier. NOTE: Don't worry about the RSVP option. You do not need to do so. Just show up and be prepared to buy, buy, buy!

SP to Brit: I Wanna Smoke Tooooo!

Kids grow up so quickly. Adorable Sean Preston is already eager to light up, as he twirls that pink lighter in his cute little hands. All he needs is one of mommy's cigarettes. Yup, Britney and her crusty extensions were in a bikini yet again, and the golden-haired beauty smoked away as her toddler stood by, anxiously wanting to follow in his role model mother's footsteps.

It's krayzie to think about how good the improved-but-still-trainwreck Spears looked at Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey's Autism Charity Event on Saturday. But here she is--back to her normal classless self. She's like Cinderella--once the clock struck midnight, all of the hard styling/makeup work disappeared and poor ol' Brit turned back into her nasty-ass self.

UPDATE: The New York Post did a whole editorial on this photo, elaborating on Britney's horrible influence on her children. It's very interesting and I couldn't agree more!

BlackBerry About to Steal iPhone's Thunder

Like computers, phones and other technology continues to advance itself so quickly these days, that even the hottest gadgets can become obsolete in no time.

While the new iPhone 3G has been all the buzz within the past few weeks, Smart Phone connosieurs are about to go wild with the September release of the BlackBerry Thunder. Like the iPhone, the Thunder will feature touchscreen with a sleek interface--as well as the expected 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, HSDPA, mini–USB, full text/MMS support and e-mail. BlackBerry's latest will also follow in iPhone's footsteps with the use of Visual Voicemail. But unlike in the case of Apple's successful communication gadget, the Thunder will use fancy haptic technology to make touching the screen feel like you’re tapping real buttons. It’s all down to some fancy electrical signals, that buzz your finger when you press a specific part of the screen. It’s more advanced than other haptic mobiles, which typically vibrate the whole screen, or even the phone itself, to let you know you’ve hit the key.

Definitely sounds exciting to me!

Lindsay Lohan Proves She's No Lauren Conrad

LC may not have a stint at rehab on her resume, but I wouldn’t exactly say she has “successful clothing designer” linked to her either. Don’t get me wrong, I think LC has incredible style and is absolutely gorgeous, but it looks like the timing of Kitson dropping her Lauren Conrad Collection couldn’t have been worse, as it coincides with the surprising success of Lindsay Lohan’s similarly overpriced celebrity line. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I did not expect sales from Lohan’s “6162 Collection” to soar, but apparently they are already sold-out out at trendy L.A. women’s boutique Intuition—a store that formerly housed the likes of other celeb lines including LC’s, Mandy Moore’s and so forth.

"Everybody loves to wear leggings, and everybody wants a piece of Hollywood. Lindsay is Hollywood," Intuition owner Jaye Hersh tells E! News.

I’m not sure what would make an overpriced leggings line sell like crazy, over an overpriced full line like LC’s for instance. Maybe people are intrigued by the mystique of Lilo. Who knows? But it will be interesting to see for how long the line stays hot. Do you think this line will continue to rise, or do you think it will be a fad like most other celebrity clothing lines?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

In Case Your Internet Connection Was Down Over the Weekend...

  • DMX has been arrested for sixth time in three months--yes, you read that correctly. What was the cause this time around? Identity left. Arrested in Phoenix, Arizona, the rapper allegedly used a fake name and Social Security number to avoid paying a $7,500 medical bill back in April.
  • Khloe Kardashian joined Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan on the list of celebs (or sister of a celeb) who managed to turn a 30-some-odd-day jail sentence into a mere one-hundred-some-odd (or less) minutes. HAHAHA and to think Paris Hilton actually had to rock a pinstripe jumpsuit for a whopping three weeks. Oh, the tragedies...
  • Shannen Doherty will officially be reprising her role as the greatest TV character of all time--Brenda Walsh--on the new 90210. I mentioned before that she was in talks with the producers to possibly do so, but it appears now the Queen has signed on the dotted line to take back her seat on her television throne. Doherty will return to direct West Beverly High's school musical. Whoop-dee-freakin-doo, right? But who cares, as long she's getting screen time!
  • Britney Spears makes her first red (or in this case, blue) carpet event appearance in...what seems like....ever? And even krayzier? She actually looks relatively normal in photos from the event. Normal, but numb. All those sedatives do a damn good job of keeping her emotionless.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Adrienne Bailon and Kim Kardashian--Always Gorgeous...And Then There's Khloe...

Two of the Kardashian sisters avec brother Robert Jr.'s adorable girlfriend, Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon, graced the Red Carpet last night for the Matt Leinart 2008 Annual Celebrity Bowling Night on Thursday in Hollywood.

While Kimmy and Adrienne appear to be busy making love to the camera, Khloe's mind is probably pre-occupied with thoughts of jail--something she will face today for failing to complete her required alcohol classes and community service stemming from her March 2008 DUI.

X17 is Desperate For Story Ideas

All these celebrity pregnancy speculations get old after awhile. It's one thing if there are ongoing rumors (from legitimate sources) that a person is pregnant. And it's one thing if someone looks significantly bigger in the tum-tum. But otherwise, questioning the possibility of a star being preggo is just redundant, cliche--and quite frankly, stupid.

Most of these pregnancy speculation stories are all outlandish, but today I have surely found the most pathetic. X17online posted photos this morning on it's site of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon leaving West Hollywood restaurant Nobu last night. The site went as far as to title the posting, "Stop Hating! Is Mariah Pregnant?!?" And went on to list the following ridiculous reasons as to why Carey could perhaps be pregnant:

1) Mariah's puppies look a bit bigger than usual.
2) Nick's being more precious than usual with his wifey, carefully guiding her through the crowd.
3) There's definitely something in the water here in Hollywood!

In response:

a) It's called a push-up bra
b) It's called putting on a loving show for the photogs
c) that may be true, but I'd hardly add that to the list of "evidence" (as the site says) that Carey could indeed be preggers.

Truth of the matter: Carey may very well *be* pregnant for all anyone knows. But even if so, I would certainly not credit any of X17's "creative ideas" for informing me.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is In Touch Weekly the New Star Magazine?

For years it has been known that Star magazine isn't exactly the most reliable of sources when it comes to celebrity "journalism," if that's what you want to consider it. The then-newspaper-like publication used to sit alongside The National Enquirer in newsstands. But Star has reinvented itself within the past couple years, and is now one of the more frequently read tabloids. Still, however, the mag is unanimously known for lots of false reporting.

In wake of big celeb tabloids Us Weekly, OK!, and long-running People reaching the realms of pop-culture within the last 4 or 5 years, other tabloids In Touch and Life & Style hopped on the bandwagon with celebrity gossip pubs of their own. Each likes to claim it's reports are true, but very rarely do these "news" outlets report accurate information. Or at least, not all of them do.

In Touch, the same mag that broke the highly-publicized-yet-false "news" back in November '07 that Britney Spears was carrying JR Rotem's baby, has been caught in two more major examples of false reporting--in just this week alone. One of these situations may even get the mag sued.

Yesterday, the mag's website announced that Vicky's Secret model Miranda Kerr and boytoy Orlando Bloom had called it quits, even going as far as to claim Miranda was spotted making out with Firecrotch-coiner Brandon Davis. Today, Kerr's parents fire back at reports, saying, "Miranda and Orlando have never been closer and are happier right now more so than ever. He's meeting her in Paris next week."

Then today, the mag posted an "exclusive interview" with a woman named Chaton Anderson, who the mag quotes as saying she met John Mayer and that he said his current relationship status was "vague," and that he didn't mention anything about Jennifer Aniston whatsoever. The mag continued with other so-called "quotes," including inferences that Mayer was getting flirty with this woman. Anderson fired back immediately, telling Us Weekly exclusively that she "met John a year ago" and "doesn't understand why [In Touch] would say it was this year." Anderson tells the mag she is considering taking legal action on In Touch, saying this fabricated story is "humiliating."

It looks to me like In Touch is getting itself prepared for a seat on the throne of shady journalism.

The New Amy Winehouse?

I want to say I'm happy to announce that if you enjoy the style and voice of Amy Winehouse's music, then I have a sound to which I would like to introduce you. Imagine Winehouse without the drugs, police, insanity. Wait....we love Wino for all that stuff. Okay, okay, then don't imagine this person being a second Winehouse. This woman, also from the UK, is named Adele. She sounds identical to the troubled songstress. It's krayzie! Anyway, give it a few months, and I predict she will be the next big thing.

Anyway, check out her UK hit "Hometown Glory" (Axwell Remode Mix)

Kanye's Plan to Prevent Particular Blogger From Getting Publicity Surely Backfires

If Kanye West thought "cleverly" scratching out some guy's face and whiting out his name would stop the guy from being noticed, he couldn't have been more wrong.


This short posting was in response to a blog entry written about a guy named Marcus Troy who is supposedly West's "Ghost Writer." In other terms, this is someone who supposedly blogs for the rapper behind the scenes so that he can continue to have posts up on his site even when he is off jetsetting around the world or on tour. These posts are written to sound like West, so that people do not think someone is writing them for him.

As West whited out anything relating to this Marcus fella, all it took was the googling of the entry's title, "Meet Kanye West's Ghost Blogger" to read the original entry and find out what this guy is all about. And naturally, within just a few short hours of Kanye's attempt at giving this guy an invisible identity, the blogger dude probably had more hits on his personal website than West, himself, for the day.

And what's especially funny? Troy isn't even the one to be held accountable for this "Ghost Writer" talk. It was this other blogger named Sandra Rose, who claimed this information as such. The Kanye-outing continues, as in a more recent post, Rose proceeds to deem West a "Blog Jacker." I'm sure we can all sit back and anticipate another Kanye reaction to this one.

So, lesson of the day, folks? Make up a rumor (or state the truth, for that matter) about Kanye West--or call him out for something, or talk shit--and you're automatically guaranteed free press. Because Kanye is the King of clearing up rumors on his blog for the world to see. Little does he know, his little shit talking antics are really doing everyone else a favor.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kitson is So Over the Lauren Conrad Collection

It was just announced that Robertson Blvd. hotspot Kitson has taken the lavish Lauren Conrad Collection off of it’s shelves. "Sales were lackluster," Kitson owner Fraser Ross told New York Magazine.

Am I surprised? Absolutely! I’m surprised as hell that the clothing retailer even carried the highly disregarded line in the first place! The LCC, which was infamously known for being cheap-looking, plain and overpriced, somehow landed on a few hangers at the trendy L.A. boutique earlier this year.

Unfortunately for Conrad, however, no new designs of hers will be featured at Kitson—and any of her unsold designs which still remain in the hands of the company I have sadly witnessed being moved over to the store’s outlet—placed a few rows down from cheapened, unsold copies of sTORI TELLING.

Hmm, I wonder if Conrad will make a move for Forever 21 to compete with Heidi Montag’s stab @ Anchor Blue. At least Conrad’s line will fit in with the store’s quality this time!

Snoop Dogg: Jews Got a Lil Gangsta n 'Em

I swear it's in our blood or something. But we Jews love us some hip-hop. It's funny, because the non-Jews who have witnessed me getting all passionate about my urban music always find it quite funny. But if you think about it, look at two of the biggest Hip-Hop producers/most respected folk in the game: Scott Storch & JR Rotem--both of whom are white, Jewish males.

Anyway, Snoop Dogg told Esquire magazine:

"I performed at a Bar Mitzvah. And I’m telling you, man, these little motherfuckers, they were singing my shit, they was cussin’, they were singing the dirty version. I’m talking about twelve- and thirteen-year-old little white kids singin’ this real gangsta shit. Man. I was shocked. I just gave them the mic and let them motherfuckers go."

What can I say? We catch on early. :-)

Speaking of learning the words to cuss-induced Snoop songs at an early age, I think "Ain't No Fun" was the very first rap song in which I memorized every single word. And yeah, I was pretty young. I can't recall if people hearing me rap that jam were impressed--or appalled. Either way, I love hearing Snoop talk about this experience.

Why Eva, Why?

What is this crap? Eva Longoria chopped off her lovely locks so that she could give herself the 'do from hell. I wonder if Tony Parker is rethinking this marriage. Ugh. So gross. I actually thought she was quite attractive before this. [sigh]

UPDATE: Eva Longoria's rep Liza Anderson reveals exclusively to that, "Eva is reflecting a change in her on-screen [Desperate Housewives] character Gabrielle — who goes from her usual sex kitten to an over-worked housewife with kids in season five. She’s making herself look like that as her character has let herself go. Gabrielle has gained weight and cut her hair. She’s a worn out mother with two kids.”

Thank goodness! At least there's a reason for this disastrous 'do!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ali Lohan Loves Her Some Tranny Lips

An ever-gorgeous Ali Lohan graced television screens last night, with the debut of her made-to-match lipstick line: the Tranny Collectors Edition.

The lovely and talented Grammy award-winning vocalist displayed a flourescent shade of lip color that went identically with the hot pink top the famewhore wore on last night's episode of "Living Lohan."

And good heavens! For only being 14, Lohan already appears to be displaying facial expressions of cracked-outness just like big sis Lindsay!

SUCH a winning fam, I tell ya!

Most Adorable 16-Year-Old on the Planet

Not trying to brag or anything, but I have the cutest cousin in the world!!! Isn't she absolutely precious? My fav cousin EVER, Mollie Krentzman came over from Boston to visit me for the week. We had so much fun! We seriously did everything, went everywhere in LA. Couldn't get any better. I just had to post a few pics. She looks like a miniature Audrina Patridge to me. Come on! Is Mollz not the cutest thang you ever did see?

p.s. she wants to follow in older cousin's footsteps, and is in the process of creating a blog of her own, called Eclectica. It will be up and running shortly. In the meantime, you can check my cuzz out on facebook by typing Mollie Krentzman in the search field. Just tell her you found out about her through The Platinum Pen ;-)

Welcome to TV-Hosting Suckville, Population: 2

MTV has always graced television viewers with the cheesiest, most obnoxious entertainment correspondents ev-er. With the exception of Carson Daly (bless his dear has-been soul), I can't think of one MTV VJ or person associated with that effing channel that I can even mildly tolerate. Ugh. But this just topped it all. I decided to watch The Real World: Hollywood Reunion--and aside from the plain fact it wasn't juicy at all, the suckage was topped off by this dingbat Lyndsey Rodrigues hosting the show, with the help of King of the D-Bags, Carlos (don't know his last name, but he was awful). This idiotic Lyndsey chick is definitely a looker (not gonna lie, she's hot), but she could not remember a single Real World character's name to save her life. She kept screwing up--and she also came off as a huge biatch--and not to mention, in typical MTV fashion, she was just plain and simple annoying [gag me please].

Then you have this tool Carlos chatting it up with Real World fans outside of MTV Studios in Times Square, addressing RW character Joey with a "very important question." "We have a very personal, serious question to ask you, Joey. You may not want to answer it, and that's okay. But we just have to ask." Oh, heavens. What could this question be? "How do you get your hair like that?" [laughter ensues] -- [faux laughter, that is.]

Gawwwd, I can't wait till I get my shot at hosting. I'll show deez hoooeeezzz how it's done ;-)

In the meantime, check out MTV's atrocious disaster right here

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I spotted Joanie Dodds, the winner of Cycle 6 of America's Next Top Model at El Compadre Mexican restaurant in Hollywood, CA on Thursday, July 10th.

Seventeen Magazine Reminds Fat Girls That Lane Bryant is the Only Denim Line That Will Fit Them

As one of my favorite blogs, Jezebel, points out, Seventeen's latest mag issue (you know--the one with an utmost unflattering photo of Blake Lively adorning the cover) shoots down overweight women by listing different denim lines and the sizes they would wear in those lines, depending on your waist and hips. Well, the mag has no problem pointing out (see above) the fact that these jeans won't fit just anyone. Check out the "Sorry! They don't come in this size!" part of the chart. Gawd, why even bother listing them at all? Oh, that's right. Seventeen readers couldn't possibly be fat!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Lindsay Lohan's Legging Line: And You Thought Spanx Were Expensive!

We can already smell the aroma of failure in the air, as yet another celeb takes a stab at their own overpriced apparel line. Star of the hour: Lindsay Lohan. Her line of leg-covering material (pictured above) ranges up to the mid-hundreds per item! You have GOT to be kidding me! I remember when I thought shelling out a whopping $40 for each pair of my Nordstrom-friendly Spanx was a hefty spend. Good heavens, Lilo's damn leggings are probably worth more than the girl's John Hancock, for crying out loud. Who does Lindsay think she is? P. Diddy? As much as the mogul bugs me, I have to admit that his line, Sean John, is the *only* celeb clothing line I take seriously. It's been around forever, and it has truly branded a name for itself in reputable lines of fashion. And so if Sean John wants to be expensive, it surely can. As for me and leggings, I'm stickin to my $40 leg decor, thank you very much!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Note to world: I turned "the big 2-5" yesterday! Yup, pretty darn exciting, eh?? Anyway, I couldn't have spent the special day doing anything better, nor with anyone better. And not to mention, the delight of having an amaaaazing cake (see above), courtesy of Carvel Incorporated and my dear, dear friends Sheryl Thompson and Diane Shook.

My day was fantastic! It all began the night prior, as my ever-fabulous family from NY/Boston came all the way to Hollywood to visit their faaavorite relative! My fam booked us a beautiful suite (pics to come later) at the Chamberlain Hotel, a very elegant and chi-chi boutique hotel in the heart of WeHo. The night was fabulous. We dined, we wined, and I am so used to waking up early, that I couldn't even bring myself to sleep in! (HAHA). The following morning (the actual day of my bday) was spent at the rooftop pool of the establishment. My fam and I chilled in the little cabana area and we all ordered a phenomenal breakfast, followed by some delish Mojitos pour moi. ;-) Breakfast consisted of phone calls, laughter--and one of my Aunt Patti's endless stories about nothing (gotta love relatives!--Jewish ones at that!).

Following our fantastic morning delight, we went back to our suite and packed our bags. Then we got in the car, and drove around town, checking out various places. After our errands/driving, a day in Hollywood with special visitors would NOT be complete without a stop at Mashti Malone's, the greatest ice cream shoppe in the entire city.

After enjoying a marvelous helping of exotic ice cream flavors--and toppings du jour--we headed back to my pad and I took my cousin Mollie on a surprise adventure. My darling--albeit white-as-Lindsay-Lohan--cousin was in some major need of a tan. I knew this beforehand, so I took it upon myself to book her a special airbrushing appointment over at Sunset Tan. She was stoked.

She looked fab afterward, and then we rushed home to get ready for our dinner reservations at one of my favorite restaurants in H-wood, Katsuya. Dinner could *not* have been better! The food was awesome as always, and same thing went for the service. Not to mention, it was great to have the opportunity for my out-of-town fam to experience a taste of my Hollywood lifestyle. And they *loved* it!

As if my day could not have been more perfect, to top it off, my dearest friends Sheryl Thompson, Diane Shook and Cyndi Ruth joined me and my lil cuz Mollie Krentzman at my apartment to continue the celebration of the bday festivities. It was so special to have them there. In typical Thompson/Shook fashion, the ladies brought over a plethora of champagne, a Carvel ice cream cake (just like I love), and snacks as well. And poor Sheryl had work this morning at 5am, and still managed to stay at *my* place till midnight (and had to drive to OC afterward). Talk about a friend! And poor Cyndi was coming down with something. She could barely speak. But she still managed to drive all the way over here from Hermosa, and stay for a bit. We had a blast. I love my friends and fam.

Anyway, I just had to post about such a wonderful day/evening/week. Could *not* have been better!!! I am excited about being 25, and looking forward to what this chapter of my life holds in store.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Another Hilarious Parody, Courtesy of Chelsea Handler

Last time, I posted Chelsea's humorous "Hills" parody. This time, I bring you her take on "Living Lohan." Too funny!!! I hope this brings a smile to your treacherous Monday morning... haha

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Platinum Pen Exclusive: Breasts, Booze and the Beach Drew the Crowds to Hermosa's Fifth Annual "Margarita Wrestling"

BEFORE YOU READ, PLEASE NOTE: For some reason, this site will not allow me to post some of my photos' full size, so if you see a pic that looks like someone has been cut out, this is not intentional. This is completely at the cause of the blogger program. I did NOT cut anyone out of any of the photos.

Celebrities, commonfolk and media took over Hermosa Beach on Friday, making the city's fifth annual 4th of July Margarita Wrestling event a surefire success.

Talk about a quadruple threat. For a mere $20 cover, not only were guests of M.W. guaranteed an open Vodka bar, a live DJ, and the gift of being surrounded by a plethora of scantily clad, big breasted women, but all of the proceeds from the hyped event went to the Barbara K. Robinson Breast Cancer Foundation.

Guests each had their own reasons for attending the extravaganza, but everyone was more than happy to be there, and it surely showed by the way everyone interacted, drank, danced and participated in the main event--which consisted of a selection of women dressed in bikinis, battling it out in a wrestling competition in a pool of margarita mix. Best thing about the event? The Platinum Pen was there to cover it!

"My mom has beat Breast Cancer twice, so it’s like anything that has to do with Breast Cancer, I try to come out and actually get involved with, because it’s so close to me," says Yo on E!'s Michael Yo.

"I talk to my mom all the time, and know her struggles, so I have to come out and support anything that has to do with Breast Cancer."

Yo brought along his Miami intern Courtney Meredith, who was also excited to be in Hermosa to show her support for the event and for the cause.

"I like to watch girls get crazy. I think every girls does," says Meredith, who was eagerly anticipating being able to watch the bare-ly there women get down and dirty.

102.7 KIIS-FM's Manny on the Streets says raising money for the Breast Cancer foundation was what drew him to the event initially, but once he got there, he realized, "there’s like tons of beautiful women. And you’re on the beach for Fourth of July, [and you're] just being with good people."

Perfectly fitting for the beach theme of the event, E!'s Sunset Tan cast members Jeff Bozz and Jenae Alt
co-hosted the event.

"We’re here looking at breasts, we’re here raising some money for a good cause. Margarita Wrestling—great people, we’re having a good time. It’s Fourth of July," says Bozz.

Alt was thrilled about the event as well, even taking on the role as one of the Margarita Wrestling team coaches.

"When you think of Fourth of July, you could do the chi-chi Malibu thing, but I wanna have fun, let my hair down, fireworks, and a little Margarita Wrestling. I’ve done it four years in a row, my girls have always won. And they’re paying me an insane amount of money to be here and be fabulous; and I’m at the beach, on a Friday!"

Alt took a moment out of her coaching responsibilities to let fans of Sunset Tan know, "Watch out, Olly Girls. Nay-Nay’s in town."

"If you love Season One, Season Two is Season One times ten on steroids," says Bozz.

Step-Up 2's Black Thomas also had some thoughts on the event.

"The Fourth of July is such a day of unity and independence that you one can’t not partake in the festivities; and Margarita Wrestling—how patriotic!"

The actor/dancer/musician was also celebrating the upcoming release of the very first Hip-Hop musical, entitled, "Jump Off," which will be released shortly. You can expect Thomas and the other characters, including Cedric the Entertainer to appear on the soundtrack.

For more information on this event, or to make a donation to the Barbara K. Robinson Breast Cancer Foundation , please visit the official Margarita Wrestling website.

A special thanks to Josh Zimmerman & Rachel London

(l-r) Josh Zimmerman, Dahvi Shira, Michael Yo, Courtney Meredith

(l-r) Josh Zimmerman, Dahvi Shira, Michael Yo, Courtney Meredith

(l-r) Manny on the Streets, Dahvi Shira

(l-r) Dahvi Shira, American Gladiators' Lee "The Hawk" Reherman

(l-r) Dahvi Shira, American Gladiators' Lee "The Hawk" Reherman

(l-r) Dahvi Shira, Aaron Norvell

(l-r) Josh Zimmerman, Dahvi Shira

the Bartending Babes @ the event

(l-r) Black Thomas, Dahvi Shira

(l-r) Cyndi Ruth, Margarita Wrestling Ref

(l-r) Alex, Jenna

(l-r) Dahvi Shira, Cyndi Ruth

(l-r) Jeff Bozz, Jenae Alt







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